The Drop Dead Show



Davina McCall


Granada for Channel 4, 2 July 1998


One-off comedy quiz intended to educate people about the risk factors that can lead to premature death. There was a proto-Test the Nation element about assessing your own risk of pegging out early, but the one thing it's remembered for (other than Davina being, well, Davina) is the section on bowel cancer in which three men competed for a £1000 prize by being the first to complete a bowel movement. The Broadcasting Standards Commission (as was) later ruled that this was not offensive, though admitting "the nature of the programme may not have had universal appeal".

Theme music

James Hesford


The show was actually commissioned by Channel 4's current affairs department. Responding to pre-broadcast criticism of the show, department head Dorothy Byrne said, "If it is possible to have people having a shit on stage and be tasteful about it, then I think we achieved it."


Nothing official, however should you wish to try the main life expectancy quiz, Drop Dead Show researcher Danny Dorling features it as a chapter in his book So You Think You Know About Britain?.


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