The Time it Takes



Joe Lycett


Alison Hammond (referee)


Hat Trick for BBC One, 3 November 2018 to present


From the BBC Press Office:

What takes longer - unwrapping every Werther’s Original in a family pack, completing a Rubik’s cube underwater or deflating an air bed and putting it back into its original box?
These are the kinds of scenarios the contestants must choose from as timers on BBC One’s new Saturday teatime gameshow, The Time It Takes. The challenger who gets the most questions right in their given timescale will be one step closer to winning a dream holiday. But do not fret dear viewers, all is not completely lost for the player with the lowest score, as they will receive a very special The Time It Takes tea-towel before leaving the show.

This programme has not yet aired. A full review will appear here after broadcast.


Ran for 35 minutes early on Saturday evening, before Pointless Celebrities.

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