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1984: Simon Bates, Anneka Rice and Fern Britton

1985: Lennie Bennett and Sandra Dickinson

1986: Lennie Bennett and Kathy Tayler


Trans World International (TWI) for BBC2, 27 August 1984, 16 December 1985 and 25 August 1986 (3 specials)


Vast numbers of TV faces took part in games to raise money for their chosen charities.

The Radio Times billing for 1984's event at Kempton Park said:

Do you know how many show business stars really can walk on water? This show will reveal the answer. The fun also includes chariot racing, hover-crafts, canoes and jet skis. The 16 stars compete in teams for their own nominated charities and the Ever Ready Trophy.

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The teams were:


Music: Ed Stewart, Paul Burnett, Gary Numan, Hazell Dean
Actors: Bernard Cribbins, Rodney Bewes, Chris Strauli, Susan Penhaligon
Presenters: Jeremy Beadle, Henry Kelly, Francis Wilson, Sue Cook
Children's television: John Gorman, Paul Henley, Peter Duncan, Sharron Davies
Referee: Brian Rix


Music: Suzi Quatro, Denise Nolan, Captain Sensible, Dave Hill
Actors: Graham Chapman, Christopher Blake, Linda Robson, Linda Lou Allen
Presenters: Sue Robbie, Kathy Tayler, Paul Coia, 'Doc' Cox
Children's TV: Toni Arthur, Paula Ann Bland, Geoffrey Hayes, Phillip Schofield
Referee: Christopher Hughes


Actors: Ross Davidson , Tracey Childs, Sharon Duce, Michael Le Veil
Comedy: Bernie Clifton, Don Maclean, Ellie Laine, Joanne Ridley
Music: Adrian John, Ed Stewart, Tracie Young, Angie Bowie
Presenters: Michael Groth, Suzanne Dando, Zoe Brown, John Kettley

No referee was listed for 1986.


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