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no new shows
007: Road to a Million Reality, Action and adventure
Deal or No Deal (R) Family game show
Squid Game: The Challenge Reality, Stunts and Dares
Bangers: Mad for Cars Motoring
Big Brother (R) Reality
The Greatest Show Never Made Documentary
Mamma Mia! I Have a Dream Variety, reality
Survivor (R) Reality
The Dating Pool Dating
The Great Antiques Challenge Lifestyle, antiques
Picture Slam Puzzle
The Vintage French Farmhouse Lifestyle, antiques
Alone Reality
Boot Dreams: Now or Never Sport (Football)
The Finish Line General Knowledge Quiz
Selling Super Houses Lifestyle
Ultimate Wedding Planner Lifestyle, weddings
no new shows
Five Star Kitchen: Britain's Next Great Chef Lifestyle
Popmaster TV Themed quiz (pop music)
Puzzling Puzzle
3 by 3 Quiz, general knowledge
Get Set Galactic Childrens, science
The Great Auction Showdown Lifestyle, antiques
The Greatest Auction Lifestyle, antiques
I Kissed a Boy Reality, dating
The Big Interiors Battle Lifestyle
In With a Shout General knowledge quiz
Scared of the Dark Reality
Strangers on a Plane Lifestyle, travel
Challenge Anneka (R) Action and adventure
Cheat General Knowledge Quiz
Last Resort Reality
Project Icon Music, reality
Rise and Fall Reality
Tempting Fortune Reality
Ten to the Top Themed quiz (pop music), radio
The Challenge (2) Reality
Go Hard or Go Home Reality
The Piano Variety
Scotland's Greatest Escape Lifestyle, regional (Scotland)
Food Fighters Lifestyle
Jon & Lucy's Odd Couples Relationships
Next Level Chef Lifestyle, reality


Britain Get Singing Singing
Cooking Up Love Lifestyle
Dance Monsters Variety, dance
Loaded in Paradise Action and adventure, reality
Pen/Campwyr Quiz, sport, regional (Wales)
Steve Wright's Quiz of the Year Radio, news
That's My Jam Stunts and dares
Queens for the Night Variety
The Traitors Reality, lying
You Won't Believe This Puzzle, lying
Aldi's Next Big Thing Business
The Big Blow Out Lifestyle
Riddiculous General knowedge quiz, puzzle
Unbreakable (2) Reality
Bad Chefs Lifestyle
Beauty and the Geek (R) Reality
Celeb Cooking School Lifestyle
Hire Me Recruitment
Make Me Prime Minister Reality, politics
Ninja Warrior UK (R) Sports
Are You the One? UK Reality, dating
Dating With My Mates Dating
Fastest Finger First General knowledge quiz
Game on Grandparents Gaming
Garden of the Year Lifestyle (gardening)
Sport Relief All Star Games Sport
Wales' Home of the Year Lifestyle, regional (Wales)
Field of Dreams Sport
Hungry for It Lifestyle, food
One Question Quiz, general knowledge
Britain's Top Takeaways Food
Flipping Fast Lifestyle, property
Let's Make a Love Scene Dating
Lovestruck High Reality, romance
The Games (R) Reality, sport
The 1% Club Quiz, puzzles
Brain Reaction Comedy panel game
Crazy Contraptions Technological
Fight School (2) Sports (boxing)
Ministry of Offence Comedy panel game, news
The Remotely Amusing Game Show Comedy panel game, regional (Scotland)
Romeo & Duet Dating
Stitch, Please! Creative (costumes)
You Heard It Here First Radio, panel game
Bridge of Lies Quiz, general knowledge
The Drop Business and fashion
Fame in the Family Decision making, relations
Future Food Stars Lifestyle, reality
The Great Big Tiny Design Challenge Miniature craft
The Island Panel game
One and Six Zeros Big prize quiz, general knowledge
Rock Till We Drop Music
Sign2Win Specialist Subjects Quiz
The Big Design Challenge Design
Britain's Best Young Artist Children's, art
Damned Lies Radio panel game, statistics
The Fast and the Farmer-ish Agriculture, driving
Gassed Up Motoring, celebrity challenges
Gwrach y Rhibyn Adventure, childrens, regional (Wales)
Loggerheads Lifestyle, creative, regional (Scotland)
The Real Dirty Dancing Reality, dance
Starstruck Variety, singing
The Great Cookbook Challenge Cookery
Limitless Win Big prize general knowledge quiz
Watercolour Challenge (R) Lifestyle
Yn y Ffram Photography, regional (Wales)


All Star Dance Off Dancing
Eat the Town Travel, regional (Scotland)
The Greatest Snowman Ice sculpture
I Literally Just Told You Memory quiz
Walk the Line Singing
The Weakest Link (R) General knowledge quiz
What Just Happened News panel game, radio, Wales
Gamesmaster (R) Videogame challenge
Moneybags General knowledge quiz
Scotland's Best Dog Regional (Scotland), lifestyle, pets
Sitting on a Fortune General knowledge quiz
The Tournament General knowledge quiz
Handmade Reality, lifestyle
I Like the Way U Move Reality, Dating
The Love Trap Dating, lying
Moneyball General knowledge quiz
Murder Island Puzzle
Naked, Alone and Racing to Get Home Stunts and dares
Question Team Comedy panel game
The Big Breakfast (R) Variety
The Complaints Department Comedy panel game
Farm to Feast: Best Menu Wins Cookery, regional (Northern Ireland)
Landmark (2) Creative, arts
The Love Triangle Dating
Never Mind the Buzzcocks (R) Comedy panel game
Outsiders Stunts and dares
The Perfect Pitch Outdoor activities
Ready to Mingle Dating, lying
Saturday Night Line Up Comedy panel game
Show Me the Honey Childrens, lifestyle, educational
Take a Hike Competitive rambling
Undeniable Comedy panel game
The Birthday Cake Game Radio panel game
Elba vs. Block Stunts and Dares
Apocalypse Wow Action and adventure
Can I Improve My Memory? Science
Cooking With the Stars Lifestyle
Fast Food Face Off Cooking
The Void Stunts and dares
no new shows
The Answer Trap Quiz, general knowledge
Great British Photography Challenge Art (photography)
The Masked Dancer Dancing, disguises
Quizness Comedy, general knowledge quiz
Unbeatable Quiz, general knowledge
All That Glitters Creative (jewellery)
Game of Talents Lying
I Can See Your Voice Variety
Drawers Off Art, life drawing
This is My House Panel game
Bank Balance Quiz, general knowledge
Darling, What Have You Done to Your Hair? Stunts and dares
Unforgivable Comedy panel game
The Archers Anniversary Quiz Themed quiz (radio)
The Cabins Dating, reality
Growing Pains Comedy panel game
Lightning Quiz, general knowledge
Lingo (R) Words, bingo
Pooch Perfect Animals, reality
TV Showdown Quiz, themed (television)


Blankety Blank (R) Comedy panel game
Chef vs Corner Shop Lifestyle
Great British Treasure Hunt Lifestyle, history
Miranda's Games With Showbiz Names Family game
Don't Rock the Boat Reality
Don't Unleash the Beast Action and adventure, childrens
Love Bites (2) Cookery and dating
Ultimate Goal Football, recruitment
The Wheel Family game show
Winning Combination Quiz, general knowledge
The Bridge Construction, reality
The Chop Woodwork
The Great House Giveaway Lifestyle
Guessable Panel game, mystery objects
Family Fortunes (R) Family game show
Celebrity Karaoke Club Singing, reality
Little Mix: The Search Singing, reality
Be' Ti'n Gwylio? Quiz, Wales
Call That Hard Work? Lifestyle
Lle Bach Mawr Lifestyle, Wales
Rolling in It Family game
It Pays to Behave Family game
The Bidding Room Antiques
Celebrity Snoop Dogs Lifestyle
Gêm Gartre' Sports quiz, Wales
All Star Happy Hour Quiz
The Big Flower Fight Gardening
Britain's Best Parent? Comparative parenting
Celeb Lock-In
Epic Gameshow Family game show
The Fantastical Factory of Curious Craft Lifestyle
My Generation Quiz (general knowledge), radio
Beat the Chasers Quiz, general knowledge
Mend It for Money Antiques
Too Hot to Handle Reality, dating
Caru Siopa Lifestyle, regional (Wales)
Celebrity Murder Mystery Reality, crime
Five Guys a Week Dating
Gods of the Game Stunts and dares, sport
The Talk Sport Quiz Sports quiz, radio
The Chocolate Challenge Cookery
Corner Shop Cook-Off Cookery, regional (Scotland)
Fight Dirty Lifestyle
Very Hard Questions Quiz (general knowledge)
Am Dro! Walking, regional (Wales)
Crackerjack (R) Children's, variety
Crazy Delicious Cookery
Don't Scream Horror, frights
First & Last Family game
The Masked Singer Singing, disguises
Win the Wilderness Reality, adventure


Hewlfa Drysor Hunting treasure, regional (Wales)
Les Quiz Radio panel game (musicals)
Quizmaster Quiz, general knowledge
Take Off Variety
The Switch Quiz, general knowledge
Dave Gorman: Terms and Conditions Apply Comedy panel game
Gigglequiz Childrens
Head Hunters Quiz, general knowledge
Killer Camp Horror, reality
Pants on Fire Lying, stunts and dares
RuPaul's Drag Race UK Reality
Snackmasters Cookery
Ty Am Ddim Lifestyle, regional (Wales)
The Wall Quiz, general knowledge
Your Room or Mine? Lifestyle, interior design
The Cash Machine General knowledge quiz, regional (Scotland)
Comedians Giving Lectures Lectures, comedy
Cooking Up a Fortune Lifestyle
Supermarket Sweep (R) Lifestyle
Treasure Island (2) Reality, survival
Gloryhunters Sport (football), radio
Interior Design Masters Lifestyle, interior design
The Rap Game UK Music, reality
Scrapyard Supercar Technological
Step Up to the Plate (2) Restaurant cookery, childrens
Celebrity Craft Masters Lifestyle
The Chefs' Brigade Travel, reality
The Great Garden Challenge (2) Lifestyle, gardening
Shipmates Reality
Elephant in the Room Comedy panel game (radio)
The Family Brain Games Puzzle
Flour Power Lifestyle (baking)
Groundhog Date Dating
Hey Tracey Comedy, general knowledge quiz
Beat the Chef Cookery
Flinch Stunts and Dares
The Hit List Themed quiz, music
Hot Property (2) Reality, dating
There's Something About Movies Comedy panel game
Curiosity Antiques
The Customer Is Always Right Lifestyle inventions
Home Is Where the Art Is Creative
In for a Penny Family show
Scotland's Home of the Year Property, regional (Scotland)
Al Murray's Great British Pub Quiz Quiz (general knowledge)
Can I Improve My Memory? Memory
Catchpoint Family game
Dim I'w Wisgo Fashion and style, regional (Wales)
Gameshow of Thrones Panel game, themed
Glow Up Cosmetics and make up
Mission Ignition Technological, motoring
Y Siambr Puzzles in a cave, regional (Wales)
Wonderball Quiz, general knowledge, regional (Scotland)
Best House in Town Lifestyle, property
The Hangover Games Stunts and dares, alcohol
Hypothetical Comedy panel game
Project Z Childrens, action and adventure
Race Across the World Travel, reality
Rhannu Team competition, regional (Wales)
Small Fortune Family game show
Test Drive Quiz, travel (Scotland)
The Greatest Dancer Variety (dance)
Un Cwestiwn Children's general knowledge quiz (Wales)


Celebrity Game Night Late-night variety challenges
Look Back to the Future Comedy panel game
Oh Yes It Is, Oh No It Isn't Radio, variety (pantomimes)
Re-Play Topical quiz
Whiplashed Stunts and dares (Scotland)
WIQ (R) Radio, quiz, general knowledge
Beat the Internet Quiz, pop culture
Dianc Action and adventure, Wales
The Heist Action and adventure
I'll Get This Dinner-table stunts
Make Me a Dealer Antiques, lifestyle
Match of the Day Can You Kick It? Sport, childrens
The Time it Takes Family game, general knowledge quiz
Don't Hate the Playaz Comedy panel game (music)
For Facts Sake Panel show
The Great Model Railway Challenge Technological
Back to Mine Reality, dating
Chase the Case Quiz, general knowledge
Chwilio am Seren Variety, childrens (Wales)
The Circle Reality
Football Genius Sports quiz
Gareth Malone's All Star Music Quiz Music, panel game
The Imitation Game Comedy panel game
Y Ras Sports quiz, regional (Wales)
Take the Tower Stunts and dares
Call Yourself a Fan Football quiz
Celebs on the Farm Reality, agriculture
Eurovision Young Musicians (R) Classical music
Evil Monkeys Stunts and dares
True Love or True Lies Reality, relationships
Gino's Win Your Wish List (R) Family game show
Oci Oci Oci! Quiz / darts, regional (Wales)
Britain's Best Junior Doctors Themed quiz, medical
Pwy 'Di Bos y Gegin?! Cooking, regional (Wales)
Britain's Best Home Cook Lifestyle, cookery
Carnage Technological
Hardball Quiz, general knowledge
One Night Only Comedy panel game, radio
The £100K Drop (R) Quiz, general knowledge
Who Wants to be a Millionaire? (R) Quiz, general knowledge
The Button Family game show
Buy It Now Lifestyle
Censored Comedy panel game, radio
Change Your Tune Variety
Flipping Profit Lifestyle, antiques
The Generation Game (R) Family game show
I Don't Like Mondays Stunts and dares
Josh Widdicombe Will Make Your Life Better Comedy panel game, radio
Revolution Sport, stunts and dares
Top of the Shop Lifestyle, food
What Is Normal? Comedy panel game, radio
Five Star Hotel Reality
The Great Northern Ireland Music Quiz Themed quiz, regional (Northern Ireland)
Ready or Not Family game show
Star Boot Sale Lifestyle
Survival of the Fittest Action, adventure, romance
What Would Your Kid Do? Family game
And They're Off For Sport Relief Family game
All Together Now Singing
Britain's Brightest Family General knowledge quiz
Extreme Hair Wars Lifestyle
Last Commanders Children's
Prosiect Z Adventure (children, Wales)
Roast Battle Comedy panel game
Spy School Espionage (children)
Village of the Year Lifestyle
The Wave Action and adventure
Wedding Day Winners Stunts and dares


All Star Musicals Singing
Guess the Star Variety
The Price is Right (R) Lifestyle
Raven (R) Action and adventure, childrens
A Right Royal Quiz Themed quiz (royalty)
Armchair Detectives Whodunnit
Don't Say It, Bring It Scavenger hunt
More Money Than Sense Radio, comedy panel game (economics)
The Weakest Link (R) General knowledge quiz
Celebrity Showmance Lying
Game of Attraction Dating, reality
Sing Variety, music
Bromans Reality
Cannonball Stunts and dares
Dress to Impress Fashion, dating
House of Games (3) Quiz
Astronauts: Do You Have What it Takes? Action and adventure
The Big Family Cooking Showdown Lifestyle
Cheap Cheap Cheap Lifestyle
Y Cwis Mawreddog Radio, Wales
Lego Masters Design
Partners in Rhyme Family game
Eurovision Choir of the Year Variety
Letterbox Puzzle
Blind Date (R) Dating show
Celebability Stunts and dares
Curious Creatures Panel game, animals
Cythrel Canu Music panel game, regional (Wales)
Name Your Price (2) Lifestyle
Pitch Battle Choir singing
Spa Wars Reality, lifestyle
Babushka Decision making
Stop the Press (2) News quiz (radio, Scotland)
When Game Shows Go Horribly Wrong Documentary
Your Face or Mine? (R) Decision making
Bigheads Family game
The Boss Quiz, general knowledge
Culinary Genius Cookery
Don't Ask Me Ask Britain Interactive panel game
Me and My Dog (2) Animals, outdoor
Tattoo Artist of the Year Reality, lifestyle
Fake! Educational, art
5 Gold Rings Quiz, general knowledge
The Fake News Show Comedy panel game, news
Gaby's Talking Pictures Radio, Comedy panel game (film)
Game of Clones Reality, dating
Harry Hill's Alien Fun Capsule Comedy panel game
The Home Game Lifestyle
Remotely Funny (2) Stunts and webcams, childrens
The Big Spell Quiz, themed (spelling)
The Chris Ramsey Show Variety
Dance Dance Dance Variety
!mpossible Quiz, general knowledge
Let It Shine Variety, singing
Pigo dy Drwyn Childrens, regional (Wales)
Spies Action and adventure, reality


12 Stars of Christmas Variety
Pop Quiz (R) Quiz, themed (music)
Sell or Swap Lifestyle
Time Commanders (R) Educational
The Next Great Magician Variety, magic
Polterguest Hidden camera, dares
Prank Pad Reality
Sorry, I Didn't Know Comedy panel game
Tenable Quiz, general knowledge
This Time Next Year Lifestyle
The Crystal Maze (R) Action and adventure
Meet the Parents (2) Dating
My Kitchen Rules (R) Lifestyle
Dating in the Dark (R) Dating
Go 8 Bit Comedy panel game
Rank the Prank Childrens, stunts and dares
Top Class Childrens, general knowledge quiz
Trycar Motoring, Wales
We Love Sitcom Comedy panel game
Yes Chef Cookery
All Together Now - The Great Orchestra Challenge Variety (classical music)
Alphabetical Quiz, general knowledge
Cash Trapped Quiz, general knowledge
Debatable Quiz, general knowledge
500 Questions Quiz, general knowledge
Go for It Stunts and dares
Make Me an Egghead Quiz, general knowledge
Spotless Family game show
Master of Photography Art (photography)
Naked Attraction Dating
The Question Jury General knowledge quiz
Robot Wars (R) Technological
Britain's Most Spectacular Backyard Builds Technological
It's Not Me, It's You Comedy panel game
Taking The Next Step Childrens, dance
UK's Best Part-Time Band Variety
no new shows
Bang on the Money Family game show
Battlechefs Cookery, travel
Chopping Block Cookery, reality
The Code General knowledge quiz
Drive Motoring
Too Many Cooks (2) Lifestyle
Can't Touch This Stunts and dares
Ffasiwn Bildar Lifestyle
Gok's Lunchbox Cookery
Jonathan's Six Nations Quiz Rugby, regional (Wales)
Think Tank (3) General knowledge quiz
Airmageddon Technology (drones)
Dogs Might Fly Animals
Eurovision: You Decide (R) Variety
Masterpiece Antiques
Pocket Money Pitch Childrens, business
All Hail the Veil Lifestyle
Bad Language (R) Comedy panel game, regional (Northern Ireland)
Britain's Next Top Model (R) Recruitment, fashion
For What It's Worth Specialist quiz (antiques)
The Getaway Car Driving, quiz
Got What It Takes? Variety, reality
Insert Name Here Comedy panel game
Last Fan Standing Lifestyle
Lip Sync Battle UK Variety


3G Boss Business
The Great History Quiz Quiz, themed (history)
The Really Welsh Quiz Comedy panel game, Wales
The Great Pottery Throw Down Pottery and claywork
The Almost Impossible Gameshow Stunts and dares
Ar y Dibyn Adventure, recruitment (Wales)
Blink Pop music
Bring the Noise Comedy panel game (music)
Eternal Glory Sport
The Fear Horror films
Humble Pie Cookery
Money Pit Business, investment
Pick Me! Variety
SAS: Who Dares Wins Action and adventure, reality
When Do You Get Off? Dating
Funz & Gamez Variety
One Hundred and Eighty Sports
Rhestr General knowledge quiz, regional (Wales)
6 Degrees of Separation Science panel game
Y Gemau Gwyllt Action and adventure, Wales, childrens
Freeze Out Quiz / sport (curling)
Rebound General knowledge quiz
Special Forces: Ultimate Hell Week Action and adventure, reality
The Totally Senseless Game Show Variety
5-Star Family Reunion General knowledge quiz
BBQ Champ Cookery
Flockstars Animal herding
Guess This House Lifestyle
Hello Campers Lifestyle, reality
Hive Minds Puzzle, quiz
King of the Nerds Reality
Safeword Comedy panel game
Taskmaster Stunt/dare show
Benchmark General knowledge quiz
Breaking the News Radio (regional), comedy panel game (news)
First Class Chefs Cookery, children
Guitar Star Variety
Love Island (R) Romance
Prized Apart Adventure - quiz hybrid
Beat the Brain Puzzle
Best Behaviour Radio, comedy panel game
The Box Lifestyle
Murder in Successville Puzzle, improvisation
The Big Fish Off Lifestyle
Chefs on Trial Recruitment, cookery
Decimate General knowledge quiz
Ninja Warrior UK Sports
Play to the Whistle Comedy panel game (sport)
Relatively Clever Family quiz
Young Dancer Dance
The Edge Quiz / sport (target bowling)
Let's Play Darts Sports
The Quizeum Themed quiz (history)
Three in a Bed (R) Lifestyle
Whose Coat is That Jacket Comedy panel game (regional)
Wild Things Stunts and dares
You're Back in the Room Family game show
1000 Heartbeats Quiz, general knowledge
The Big Painting Challenge Art
I Survived a Zombie Apocalypse Reality, horror
Mission Survive Adventure
Reality Bites Comedy panel game
Celwydd Noeth General knowledge quiz, regional (Wales)
Frank Sinatra Our Way Variety
Get Your Act Together (2) Variety
Stars in Their Eyes (R) Variety
The Fanatics Specialist subject quiz


Who Repairs Wins Lifestyle, competitive building
Win Your Wish List General knowledge quiz
no new shows
Cwis Pop C2 (R) Themed quiz (pop music)
Fonn Fonn Fonn Panel game, music
Keep It in the Family (3) Family game
Bad Bridesmaid Stunts and dares
Celebrity Squares (R) Family game show
City Limits Live Travel
Pyramid Regional (Wales), childrens
Sam and Mark's Sport Showdown Sport, childrens
Who's Doing the Dishes? Lifestyle
Come on Down! The Game Show Story Documentary
Gift Wrapped Dating
The Singer Takes it All Interactive, singing
Tumble Celebrity gymnastics
The 21st Question Quiz, general knowledge
Two Tribes Quiz, general knowledge
Win It Cook It Lifestyle
Don't Make Me Laugh Radio, comedy panel game
The Royal Welsh Show Pub Quiz Radio, agriculture
Ultimate Brain Science, childrens
Ultimate Dealer Lifestyle
Virtually Famous Comedy panel game
Ctrl Freaks Stunts and dares, regional (London)
Listomania Comedy panel game, radio
The Loser's World Cup Regional (Wales) radio, comedy panel game
Stand by Your Man Dating
Draw It! Puzzle, drawing
The Dylan Thomas Pub Quiz Radio, panel game (literature)
French Collection Lifestyle
The Joke Machine Childrens, comedy
The Link Quiz, general knowledge
Sam and Mark's Geordie Challenge Childrens, stunts and dares
24 Hours to Go Broke Travel
All About Two Quiz, television (BBC2)
Amazing Greys Stunts and dares
The Big Allotment Challenge Lifestyle (produce)
Ejector Seat General knowledge quiz
The Guess List Panel game
Killer Magic Stunts and dares (magic)
Let Me Entertain You (2) Variety
Monty Don's Real Craft (R) Lifestyle
Viral Tap Comedy panel game
Band Cymru Music (brass and wind bands), Wales
The Lie Quiz, general knowledge
Sport Relief's Top Dog Animals (dogs)
Timeline Quiz, general knowledge
Duck Quacks Don't Echo Comedy panel game
The Good, the Bad and the Unexpected Regional (Scotland) radio, comedy panel game
Hair Lifestyle
Revenge of the Egghead Quiz, general knowledge
Superstar Dogs Animals (dogs)
The Dog Ate My Homework Comedy panel game
The Great Interior Design Challenge Lifestyle
The Jump Action and adventure
Ludus Childrens, interactive
My Kitchen Rules Lifestyle
Reflex Stunts and dares
Shipping Wars Lifestyle
The Taste Cookery


Brendan's Love Cruise Dating, travel
Britain Versus the World Comedy panel game (radio)
Beat My Build Lifestyle
Junior Just a Minute Improvisation, childrens (radio)
Portrait Artist of the Year Art, creative
Pressure Pad Team general knowledge quiz
Show Me the Telly Television nostalgia
The Munch Box Cookery, childrens
Prize Island Action and adventure
Release the Hounds Horror, stunts and dares
Was It Something I Said? Comedy panel game
Big Star's Little Star Family
Celebrity Super-Spa Recruitment, lifestyle
Crazy Beaches Interactive
The Face Lifestyle, fashion modelling
Fifteen-to-One (R) Quiz, general knowledge
The Insider Recruitment
Bad Language Regional (Scotland) radio, comedy panel game
I Love My Country Comedy panel game
Stepping Out Variety
That Music Show Panel game, music
That Puppet Game Show Stunts and dares
Through the Keyhole (R) Panel game
Ashes Pub Quiz Comedy panel game (cricket)
Break the Safe General knowledge quiz
Swashbuckle Childrens
Take on the Twisters Quiz, general knowledge
Blue Peter You Decide Reality, presenter search
Brendan's Magical Mystery Tour Lifestyle, travel
Jo Brand's Great Wall of Comedy Comedy panel game (sitcoms)
Ultimate Shopper Reality
Your Face Sounds Familiar Variety, singing
Motor Morphers Technological
100 o Blant Regional (Wales), family
Catchphrase (R) Puzzle
Cook Me the Money Lifestyle, business
Five Minutes to a Fortune Mental agility
The Great British Sewing Bee Lifestyle (sewing)
Sweat the Small Stuff Comedy panel game
Beat the Pack Quiz, general knowledge
Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway (R) Variety
Beat the Ancestors Technological
The Common Denominator General knowledge, puzzle
The Dare Devil Stunts and dares, family
Food Glorious Food Lifestyle
My Little Princess Dating
Britain's Brightest Puzzle, mental acuity
Dan Glo Childrens, puzzle, regional (Wales)
Face the Clock Quiz, general knowledge
Fake Reaction Stunts and dares
Monumental Regional (Northern Ireland), comedy panel game
Splash! Sports (diving)


Dale's Great Getaway Family game show, travel
Scots on the Box Panel game (television)
Superstars 2012 (R) Sport
That Dog Can Dance! Variety
Britain's Best Bakery Lifestyle, cookery
Brwydr y Fwydlen Regional (Wales), cookery
First Dance Lifestyle, variety, regional (Scotland)
Nation's Best Am Dram Variety, reality
1001 Things You Should Know Quiz, general knowledge
Don't Sit in the Front Row Comedy, stunts and dares
Handmade Revolution Lifestyle
Hotel GB Reality
Jewish Mum of the Year Lifestyle, reality
Baggage Dating, decision-making
The Big Fat Quizzes of the Decades Quiz, nostalgia
The Choir Singing
Comedy World Cup Comedy panel game
Cooks to Market Lifestyle
Girlfri3nds Dating
Hoopla Children's, variety
Y Lifft Childrens, adventure
Top Dog Model Reality
Peter Andre's Bad Boyfriend Club Dating
Don't Blow the Inheritance Quiz, general knowledge
Lucky Sexy Winners Comedy panel game
Secret Interview Recruitment
Styled to Rock Reality
The Angel Business
Drive to Buy Lifestyle
Have I Got Sport for You Panel game, sports
Let's Get Gold Variety
Superstar Singing, musical theatre
Tipping Point Quiz, general knowledge
A Short History of Everything Else Comedy panel game (nostalgia)
The Exhibitionists Art, regional (Wales)
IQ/NI Regional (Northern Ireland) quiz
Kitchen Wars Reality
Mad Mad World Comedy panel game (news)
Blockbusters (R) Quiz, general knowledge
Battle of the Brides Lifestyle
The Exclusives Recruitment, magazines
Love Shaft Dating
Maestro at the Opera (R) Variety
Off By Heart Shakespeare (R) Variety, recital
Aibisidh Regional (Scotland), Panel game (words)
Britain Unzipped Stunts and dares
Cog1nio Cookery, regional (Wales)
The Guessing Game Regional (Scotland) Radio, comedy panel game
Gwefreiddiol Comedy panel game, Wales
Keith Lemon's LemonAid Variety
School of Hard Sums Educational
Breakaway Quiz, general knowledge
Don't Stop Me Now Variety, stunts and dares
The Love Machine Dating
School of Silence (R) Childrens
The Voice UK Variety, reality
World Series of Dating Dating
Cleverdicks Quiz, general knowledge
It's Not What You Know (2) Radio, panel game
Jedward's Big Adventure Children's, travel
The Mad Bad Ad Show Panel game, advertising
Pub Olympics Radio, panel game
Sud's Law Radio, panel game (soap opera)
Wordaholics Radio, panel game (words)
8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown Comedy panel game, puzzle
The Bank Job Quiz, general knowledge
Bigger Than... Reality
The Exit List Quiz, general knowledge
Fort Boyard: Ultimate Challenge Action and adventure
Playing it Straight (R) Reality, dating
A Question of Taste Quiz, themed (food)
The Roux Scholarship Reality, cookery
Room 101 Comedy panel game
The Talent Show Story Documentary
Ultimate Sports Day Childrens, sports
World's Toughest Trucker Action and adventure


The Big Quiz (2) Quiz, themed (soap operas)
Come Date with Me Lifestyle, dating
Home for the Holidays Dating, relationships
Show and Telly Quiz, themed (television)
Superscot (R) Quiz, themed (Scotland)
The Devil's Dinner Party Decision Making
Dilemma Radio panel game (ethics)
History Repeats Itself Radio panel game (news)
Hot Like Us Reality
The Renovation Game Lifestyle
Sorority Girls Reality
Ben 10 Ultimate Champion Childrens
Driving Wars Stunts and dares, motoring
High Stakes Quiz, general knowledge
Signed by Katie Price Reality
Big Brother (R) Reality
Family Cook Off Lifestyle
Holding Out for a Hero General knowledge quiz
Perfect... Lifestyle
Red or Black? Decision making
Show Boaters Variety, reality
There's No Taste Like Home Lifestyle
Who Let the Dogs Out? Childrens
The Bachelor (R) Dating, reality
The Beat Goes On Variety
Epic Win Stunts and dares
Minute to Win It Stunts and dares
Safebreakers Technological
Street Dance Stars Childrens, variety
The Art of Survival (R) Creative, reality
Born to Shine Variety
Camp Orange Childrens, action and adventure
Improvisation My Dear Mark Watson Comedy panel game
Pop Up Pop Quiz Quiz, themed (pop music)
Quiz Trippers Reality
Show Me the Funny Reality, comedy
Silent Library Stunts and dares
The Marriage Ref Dating, relationships
Splatalot Childrens, adventure
Style the Nation Lifestyle, recruitment
Wall of Fame Comedy panel game (news)
BBC New Comedy Award (R) Variety (comedy)
Alexander Armstrong's Big Ask Comedy panel game
Compete for the Meat Quiz, general knowledge
Four Rooms Lifestyle, antiques
Gory Games Childrens
Impossible? Variety, decision making
Keep It in the Family (2) Quiz, general knowledge
Meindia Dy Fusnes Business, regional (Wales)
Show Me the Monet Art, creative
Don't Scare the Hare Family game show
Ennill Dy Deulu Childrens, regional (Wales)
Gleusta Childrens, regional (Scotland)
Sing If You Can Stunts and dares
.cym Comedy panel game, regional (Wales)
Glee Club Childrens
Love Thy Neighbour Lifestyle
24 Hour Panel People Comedy panel game, webcast
A Farmer's Life for Me Lifestyle, reality
Great British Hairdresser Lifestyle, reality
It's Your Round Radio, Comedy panel game
Sawl Seren? Regional (Wales), variety
Secret Fortune Quiz, general knowledge
The 3rd Degree Radio, academic quiz
Trade Your Way to the USA Children's, business
The Biggest Loser (R) Reality
Celebrity Five Go to... Lifestyle, reality
Cookery School Lifestyle
Famous and Fearless Sport
Fast and Loose Improvisation
The Magicians Variety
Michel Roux's Service Lifestyle, reality
Penn & Teller: Fool Us     Variety
Perfection Quiz, general knowledge
Tool Academy Relationships


Coronation Street: The Big 50 Quiz, themed (soap opera)
The Right Notes in the Wrong Order Radio, panel game (music)
Stars and Strikes Sports (ten-pin bowling)
Busnes-a Children's, business, regional (Wales)
Drop Zone Action and adventure
Four in a Bed Lifestyle
Meet the Parents (1) Stunts and Dares
The Hairy Bikers' Cook Off Lifestyle
The Love Bus Dating
Mark Watson Kicks Off Sports
Monte Carlo or Bust Action and adventure
My Genius Idea Childrens
Party Wars Lifestyle
Street Market Chefs Lifestyle
Deg Jonathan Sports
Fee Fi Fo Yum Childrens
The King is Dead Comedy panel game
Beer & Pizza Club Comedy panel game
Secret Dealers Lifestyle
71 Degrees North Action and adventure
The Boss is Coming to Dinner Reality
Buzz and Tell Childrens
Dinner Date Dating
The Great British Bake Off Lifestyle
Must Be the Music Variety, reality
Take it Like a Fan Sports
Antiques Master Quiz, themed (antiques)
Celebrity Pressure Cooker Lifestyle
Don't Stop Believing Variety, reality
Diwedd y Byd? Childrens, regional (Wales)
Escape in Time Lifestyle, educational
Magic Numbers Variety
Odd One In Panel game
101 Ways to Leave a Gameshow Family game show
Ten Mile Menu Lifestyle
Never Write Off the Germans Radio, comedy panel game
Family Food Fight Lifestyle
The Great Cake Bake Lifestyle
The Million Pound Drop Live Quiz, general knowledge
Mission: 2110 Childrens
Scream If You Know the Answer! Stunts and dares
Seren am Swper Regional (Wales), childrens, food
So Wrong It's Right Radio, comedy panel game
Cwis Cymru Quiz, regional (Wales)
The Door Stunts and dares
Iron Chef UK Lifestyle
Kitchen Burnout Reality
Three in a Bed Lifestyle
The Whole 19 Yards Family game show
Your Hobby or Mine? Lifestyle
Antiques Road Trip Lifestyle
Auction Party Lifestyle
Country House Cooking Contest Lifestyle
The Fizzy Quiz Show Comedy panel game (British Asian culture)
A League of Their Own Comedy panel game (sports)
Over the Rainbow Variety, reality
The Umpire Strikes Back Comedy panel game (sports)
Brides On a Bus Reality
The Bubble Comedy panel game (news)
Dancing on Wheels Variety
Michael Winner's Dining Stars Lifestyle
House of the Year Lifestyle, regional (Northern Ireland)
Instant Restaurant Lifestyle
Kitchen Sink to Catwalk Reality
Mastercrafts Lifestyle
May the Best House Win Lifestyle, property
Push the Button Family game show
Stand-Up Hero Variety (comedy)
Ultimate Traveller Lifestyle
Bill Bailey's Birdwatching Bonanza Quiz, themed (birdwatching)
Football's Next Star Sports
Popstar to Operastar Variety, reality (music)
Relic - Guardians of the Museum Childrens
Sibling Rivalry Regional (Wales), family relationships
So You Think You Can Dance Variety, reality
Take Me Out Dating
What Do Kids Know? Family game show


Beat the Newsmaker Radio quiz, themed (news)
Got to Dance Variety, reality
Heads or Tails Decision Making
Move Like Michael Jackson Variety
Copycats Childrens
School of Saatchi Reality, creative
Sell Me the Answer Quiz, general knowledge
Young Talent of the Year Lifestyle
Britain's Best Brain Puzzle
Family Supercooks Lifestyle
Fferm Ffactor Competitive farming, regional (Wales)
The Friday Show Quiz, general knowledge, regional (Northern Ireland)
It's Only A Theory Philosophy, panel game
Keep Your Enemies Close Childrens
Slips Stunts and dares, motoring
Art Race Reality, creative
The Big Food Fight Comedy panel game, food
Clever v Stupid Stunts and dares
Dating in the Dark Dating
Design for Life Reality, creative
Farmer Wants a Wife (R) Dating
Restaurant in Our Living Room Lifestyle
School of Silence Childrens
Staraoke Childrens
Swots Radio, regional (Scotland), panel game
Brain Box Interactive
The Cube Stunts and dares
Food Tour of Britain Lifestyle
House Gift Lifestyle
I Guess That's Why They Call It the News     Radio, comedy panel game (news)
Pointless Quiz, general knowledge
Virgin Cooks Lifestyle
Wait for It..! Childrens
What's the Story? Regional (Wales) radio news panel game
As Seen On TV Quiz, themed (television)
The Big Deal Interactive
Clash Reality, music
Four Weddings Lifestyle
The Fuse Quiz, general knowledge
Guesstimation Quiz, estimation
Knowitalls Quiz, specialist subjects
Undercover Dads Childrens
Wildest Dreams Reality
You Have Been Watching Comedy panel game (television)
Young, Dumb and Living Off Mum Reality
The Chase Quiz, general knowledge
Totally Saturday Stunts and dares
Big Brother's Big Quiz Quiz, themed (Big Brother)
Divided Quiz, general knowledge
Gutted Lifestyle
Hannah-Oke Childrens
Off By Heart Variety, recital
The Biggest Loser UK (R) Lifestyle, reality
I'm Spartacus Radio, comedy panel game (film)
My Camp Rock Singing, childrens
The Speaker Competitive oratory
Tonight's the Night Variety
Winging It Improvisation
Accumulate! Quiz, general knowledge
Chefs and the City Lifestyle
Chris Moyles' Quiz Night Quiz, general knowledge
Genius (TV) Creative
Percy Edwards Showdown Radio, panel game (wildlife)
A Question of Genius Quiz, general knowledge
Taste the Nation Inter-county cookery show
Wordplay Puzzle
The Colour of Money Decision making
Let's Dance Variety, reality
Quiz is Anfield Specialist subjects quiz
SuperAgents Reality
We Need Answers Comedy panel game
Blast Lab Childrens
Cuibhlichean an Fhortain Regional (Scotland), lifestyle
Cwis Meddiant Quiz, themed (sports)
The Krypton Factor (R) Quiz, puzzle, physical game show
Paris Hilton's British Best Friend Reality
The PMQ Show Radio, comedy panel game
Total Wipeout Family game show
Who Wants to be a Superhero? Childrens


The Movie Game (2) Radio, panel game (movies)
Act Your Age Comedy panel game, radio
Beat the Bank Educational
Bwrw'r Bar Sport, regional (Wales)
Còcaire nan Còcairean Regional (Scotland), lifestyle
Kerwhizz Childrens
The Last Millionaire Reality, business
Spin Star Quiz, general knowledge
Street Striker Sports
Argumental Debate
Are You an Egghead? Quiz, general knowledge
Election Childrens
Going for Gold (R) General knowledge quiz
Miss Naked Beauty Lifestyle
Natural Born Sellers Reality, business
Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Lifestyle
Step Back in Time Radio panel game (nostalgia)
Unbreakable (1) Reality, stunts and dares
CelebAir Reality (celebrities)
Gaisce Gnó Business, regional (Northern Ireland)
Hole in the Wall Stunts and dares
Only Connect (2) Quiz, general knowledge
Scene Stealers Lifestyle, reality
The What in the World? Quiz Quiz, themed (science and nature)
Hot Rods Childrens
Maestro Reality, variety
Wogan's Perfect Recall Quiz, general knowledge
What Are You Like? Panel game
Battle of the Brains Team quiz
Diet on the Dancefloor Reality
Eating With the Enemy Lifestyle
Help! Teach is Coming to Stay Childrens
Last Choir Standing Variety
Sports Mastermind Quiz, themed (sports)
Step Up to the Plate Lifestyle
Superstars (R) Sports
This Time Tomorrow Quiz, general knowledge
Faith Off Themed quiz (religion)
Who Dares Sings! Music, karaoke singing
Don't Forget the Lyrics Quiz, themed (songs)
Gladiators (R) Action and adventure
House Guest Reality
What the Dickens? Quiz, themed (arts & culture)
The Baron Reality
Beat the Star Stunts and dares
Hot Gossip (2) Radio, panel game
It's Not What You Know (1) Quiz, general knowledge
Panic Attack Regional (Northern Ireland), Family game show
The Kids Are All Right Quiz, general knowledge
All-Star Mr and Mrs (R) Dating show
Breaking Into Tesco Lifestyle, business
Daily Cooks Challenge Cookery
Murder Most Famous Reality, creative
BingoLotto Bingo, lottery
Brainbox Challenge Intelligence
Brain-Jitsu Intelligence, childrens
Find Me the Face Lifestyle
No One Expects the Spanish Inquisition Radio, panel game (comedy)
Celebrity Ding Dong     Comedy panel game
Conquer the Castle Reality, regional (Scotland)
Duel Quiz, general knowledge
Funny Business Comedy, reality
The Garden Quiz Radio, themed quiz (gardening)
The One and Only Variety
Picture This Lifestyle, creative
Thank God You're Here Comedy panel game


No. 1 Soap Fan Quiz, themed (soap operas)
Star Traders Stunts and dares
Are You Smarter Than a 10 Year Old? (Daytime Edition) Quiz
The Great Pretender Quiz
Postcode Challenge Quiz, general knowledge
School for Cooks Lifestyle, reality
Who Dares Wins Quiz
Are You Smarter Than a 10 Year Old? (Primetime Edition) Quiz
Dirty Dancing: The Time of Your Life Variety, reality
Dirty Rotten Cheater Quiz
E4 School of Performing Arts Variety
Food Poker Lifestyle
Get Me the Producer Reality
MobileAct Unsigned Variety, reality
Nothing But the Truth Stunts and dares
Pen Campau Quiz, sport, children's, regional (Wales)
Britain's Best Dish Lifestyle, cookery
Bright Sparks Childrens
Don't Call Me Stupid Quiz, themed
Dumped Reality
Escape from Scorpion Island Childrens, action and adventure
Eurovision Dance Contest Variety
Grandad's Back in Business Business
The National Lottery Big 7 Quiz, general knowledge
North vs South Quiz, themed
Take on the Takeaway Lifestyle, reality
Trapped Childrens, action and adventure
The World's Greatest Elvis Variety
Dirty Cows Dating
Identity Decision Making
Kitchen Criminals Lifestyle, reality
Poetry Slam Radio, performance poetry
The Restaurant Reality
Baby Ballroom Variety
The Book Quiz Panel game
DanceX Variety
Face the Music (R) Panel game
Last Man Standing Action and adventure
Sing it Back Quiz, themed (music lyrics)
The Sorcerer's Apprentice Childrens
Win My Wage Decision Making
The Best Possible Taste Lifestyle
Britain's Got Talent Variety
Does the Team Think... Panel game
Golden Balls Decision Making
Great British Village Show Lifestyle
Queen Victoria Ate My Hamster History panel game
Three Fat Brides, One Thin Dress Lifestyle
Tycoon Business
Would I Lie to You? (2) Comedy panel game
For the Rest of Your Life Decision Making
Payday Decision Making
Springwatch Trackers Childrens
Any Dream Will Do Variety, reality
Deadline Reality, business
Get 100 Childrens
Unearthed Reality
I Blame the Spice Girls Comedy panel game
Making a Meal of It Lifestyle
People's Quiz Quiz, general knowledge
Soapstar Superchef Lifestyle
The Underdog Show Reality, lifestyle
Hider in the House Childrens
Supermarket Sweep (R) Lifestyle
When Will I be Famous? Variety
Big Bumper Science Quiz Quiz, themed (science)
Clutter Nutters Childrens
Codi Canu Music, reality
Fortune: Million Pound Giveaway     Decision Making
Perfect Strangers Quiz, general knowledge
Safari School Reality, educational
Scratch 'n' Sniff's Den of Doom Childrens
The Search Action and adventure
Suspect Childrens
WAGs Boutique Reality, business
Your Country Needs You! Quiz, general knowledge


The Big Finish Quiz, themed (recent events)
Extinct: The Quiz Quiz, themed (wildlife)
Pressure Cooker Lifestyle
The Re-Inventors Technological
Viewer of the Year Quiz, themed (television)
Celebrity Scissorhands Reality
Codex Quiz (themed), history
Dickinson's Real Deal Lifestyle
Keep Your Hair On Childrens
Popcorn Comedy panel game
The Race (2) Reality
Battle of the Geeks Technology, action and adventure
The Big Idea Technological
Cirque de Celebrité Reality
Class Distinction Academic
Club Cupid Dating
Cooking It Lifestyle
Hard Sell Lifestyle
In the Grid Family game show
Mission Implausible Stunts and dares
The Slammer Variety
Skatoony Childrens, animation
Take It or Leave It Family game show
Tipit Family game show
Unanimous Reality
The Unbelievable Truth Radio, panel game
TMi Children's
The All Star Talent Show Variety, stunts and dares
Best of the Worst Comedy panel game
1 vs 100 Quiz, general knowledge
Interior Rivalry Lifestyle, business
Legal Brain Quiz, themed (law)
Let Me Entertain You Variety
Britain's Top Dog Lifestyle
Fist of Zen Stunts and dares
How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?   Variety, reality
Only Fools On Horses Sport
PokerFace Quiz, general knowledge
Rob Brydon's Annually Retentive Comedy panel game (spoof)
Sport Relief Gets Sub'd Childrens, Sport
The Ultimate West Wing Challenge Quiz, themed (The West Wing)
Nobody's Inn Lifestyle
Senseless Dating
Beat the Boss Childrens
House of Games (2) Puzzle
It's Now or Never Stunts and dares
Kitchen Showdown Lifestyle
Never Mind the Full Stops Panel game
Bullseye (R) Family game show
Classic Comeback Quiz, themed (TV nostalgia)
Great British Menu Lifestyle
The Mint Puzzle
School's Out Comedy panel game
Showbiz Poker Poker
Sitcom Showdown Quiz, themed (sitcoms)
That'll Test 'Em Quiz, themed (the school curriculum)
Television Top of the Form (R) Quiz, academic
no new shows
Beauty and the Geek Reality
Just the Two of Us Variety
Perfect Housewife Lifestyle
Petrolheads Comedy panel game, stunts and dares
Britain's Psychic Challenge Reality
Dancing on Ice Variety
Project Catwalk Reality
Shipwrecked Reality
Soapstar Superstar    Variety


Break with the Boss Business
Generation Fame (R) Family game show
Millionaire Manor Family game show
Play DJ Interactive, text
Soundbiters Radio, regional (Scotland) quiz, themed (news)
Space Cadets (2) Action and adventure, reality
Sudo-Q Puzzle
Vorderman's Big Brain Game Puzzle
Bamboozle (2) Stunts and dares
The Deadly Knowledge Show Quiz, general knowledge
Fact Hunt Quiz, general knowledge
The Golden Lot Quiz, themed (antiques)
Make Me a Million Educational
Win Your Own Home Lifestyle
A Brush with Fame Lifestyle
The Biggest Loser UK Lifestyle, reality
Commando VIP Action and adventure, reality
Deal or No Deal Family game show
Genius Radio, comedy panel game
Grand Slam Quiz Quiz, themed (rugby), regional (Wales)
Mighty Truck of Stuff Childrens
The Name's the Same (R) Panel game
100 Grand in 100 Minutes Radio, lifestyle
Play it Again Documentary
Pot Black (R) Sports
The Raw Deal Regional (Scotland), language
What's My Line? (R) Panel game
Ant & Dec's Gameshow Marathon (R)  Family gameshow
Art School Lifestyle
Britain's Next Top Model Reality
Campyfan Childrens, Educational
Hot Tub Ranking Reality
ITV Soap Challenge Quiz, themed (ITV soap operas)
Mechannibals Technological
All Star Cup Sports
Balls of Steel Stunts and dares
Banter Radio, panel game
Late Night Poker Ace Sports
Quiz Call Interactive
Quizmania Puzzle
Sportyfacts Sports, Regional (East of England)
Vegas Virgins Reality
Watching the Detectives Quiz, themed (crime & detectives)
Your Word Against Mine Region (Scotland), dialect quiz
All Star Poker Challenge Sports
Dealing with Dickinson Lifestyle, educational
Harry Potter at the Castle Quiz, themed (Harry Potter)
Keeping Up with the Joneses Lifestyle
Natural Born Dealers Lifestyle
Rock Around the Block Lifestyle, variety
Spelling Bee (2) Quiz, themed (spelling)
Vorderman's Sudoku Live Puzzle
The Big Call Quiz, general knowledge
Cash Cab Quiz, general knowledge
Chef V Britain Lifestyle
8 Out of 10 Cats Comedy panel game
Fat Families Lifestyle
Football Icon Sports
Ladette to Lady Lifestyle, reality
Mock the Week Comedy panel game
Our Survey Said Documentary
Back in the Day Quiz, themed (nostalgia)
Celebrity Love Island Reality
Date My Daughter Dating
Mind Your Manners Lifestyle
Sky Quiz Live Puzzle
Ask the Family (R) Quiz, general knowledge
Celebrity Wrestling Sports, reality
Hit Me Baby One More Time Variety
Perseverance Quiz, general knowledge
Playing it Straight Reality, dating
Splash Camp Childrens, sports
Coach Trip Reality, travel
Dance Factory Childrens
Dance Film Academy Variety
The Great Garden Challenge Lifestyle
Make Me a Supermodel Reality
Strictly Dance Fever Variety
The Apprentice Reality
Desperately Seeking Sheila Dating, reality
Masterchef Goes Large Lifestyle
Come Dine with Me Lifestyle
Dealing Duel See: Natural Born Dealers
Dragons' Den Educational
Garden Challenge Lifestyle
Geronimo! Technological
Name Your Price (1) Lifestyle
Scream! If You Want to Get Off Action and adventure
29 Minutes of Fame Panel game / Quiz, themed (celebrities)
Vote for Me Educational


All the Way from Memphis Radio, comedy panel game (music)
The Big Fat Quiz of the Year Quiz, themed (recent events)
Burn Your Bills Regional (Scotland)
I'm an Aussie... Get Me Out of Here! Reality
Can't Sing Singers Variety
Do Fish Fart? Quiz, themed (science)
Ed Vs Spencer Stunts and dares
Fool Around... Dating, reality
Hard Spell Childrens
Hard Spell Abbey Childrens
9 Live Quiz TV Puzzle
Play the Game (2) Childrens
The Simpsons Quiz Show Quiz, themed (The Simpsons)
Too Many Cooks (1) Lifestyle
What the Butler Saw Reality
Beg, Borrow or Steal Quiz, general knowledge
Big Art Challenge Lifestyle
Boxing Academy Sports
Deck Dates Dating
Fat Chance Lifestyle
Kings of Comedy Reality
The Match Sports
The 1970s Office Reality
Risg Quiz
The Ultimate Playboy Reality
Beat the Dealer Lifestyle
Bognor or Bust Quiz, themed (current affairs)
Y Briodas Fawr Reality, regional (Wales)
The Farm Reality
House Price Challenge Lifestyle
The Jules and Lulu Show Lifestyle
Public Opinion Panel game
Scary Sleepover Childrens
The X Factor Variety
The Block Lifestyle
The Great Love Swindle Dating, reality
House of Games (1) Family game show
Junior Mastermind Quiz, general knowledge
Private Stars Reality
Road Raja Action and adventure
The Agents Childrens
Britain's Toughest Family Action and adventure
Car Hunt Lifestyle
Headjam Quiz, themed (pop culture)
House Race Lifestyle
Passport to Paradise Family game show
Simply the Best Family game show
Spy Action and adventure, reality
Stars in Fast Cars Stunts and dares
Who Killed Saturday Night TV? Documentary
Cinio Caru Dating
The Cram Quiz, themed (current affairs)
Dude, Where's My Movie Quiz? Quiz, themed (movies)
The Interrogators Reality
No Talent Required Variety
Quiz TV Puzzles
Spy Chief for a Day Decision Making
Star Sale Lifestyle
Hell's Kitchen Lifestyle, reality
The Regionnaires Quiz, themed (local knowledge)
Strictly Come Dancing Variety
Beat the Kids Radio, comedy panel game
Blank Screen Puzzle
Building the Dream Lifestyle
Car Booty Lifestyle
Come and Have a Go If You Think You're Smart Enough Quiz, general knowledge
Home Values Lifestyle
Million Pound Hoax Stunts and dares
Monster Garage Technological
Superhuman Action and adventure
Tiny and Mr Duk's Huge Show Childrens
Trouble in Paradise Lifestyle
Win, Lose or Draw Late Panel game
Bamzooki Childrens
Best of Friends Childrens
I'm Famous and Frightened! Reality
Love Bus Reality, regional (South West England)
Memory Bank Puzzle
Moneyspinners Lifestyle
The Other Boat Race Sports
Zero to Hero Technological
Back to Reality Reality
Britain's Worst Reality
The Carrot or the Stick Reality
Crisis Command Puzzle
Love on a Saturday Night Dating
The Price of Fish Quiz, general knowledge
There's Something About Miriam Dating
Three's a Crowd Dating
Traitor Puzzle
24 Hour Quiz Quiz, general knowledge
Beat the Nation Quiz, general knowledge
Britain's Hardest Action and adventure
Demolition Day Technological
Didn't They Do Well! Quiz, general knowledge
The Great British Test Quiz, themed (various)
Hercules Action and adventure
Inside Clyde Childrens
Ministry of Mayhem Childrens
Mutant Machines Technological
The Sack Race Stunts and dares
Shattered Reality
Spook Squad Childrens
Star Portraits Lifestyle
Sun, Sea and Bargain Spotting Lifestyle


Incredible Edible Challenge Stunts and dares
Boot Sale Treasure Hunt Lifestyle
Eggheads Quiz, general knowledge
Joe Millionaire UK Reality
The Look of Lurve Dating
Musicality Variety, reality
19 Keys Quiz, general knowledge
Quiz Nation Interactive
That's Genius! Childrens, technological
Beat the Cyborgs Childrens
Celebrity Poker Club Sports
Crazy Drivers Quiz, themed (motoring)
Distraction Stunts and dares
Fash's Football Challenge Sports
FightBox Technological
Fighting Talk Sports
Fort Boyard (R) Action and adventure
History Hunt Educational
I'm the Answer Quiz, general knowledge
Wawffactor Variety, regional (Wales)
Whispers Radio, Quiz, themed (scandal)
Wright Around the World Quiz, general knowledge
Born to Win Sports
Celebrities Under Pressure Family game show
Design Wars Lifestyle
The Food Quiz Radio quiz, themed (food)
The Games Reality, Sports
Junior Eurovision Song Contest Variety, childrens
Little Monsters Stunts and dares
QI Panel Game
Starfinder Childrens
Strip Search Reality
Sushi TV Interactive
Time Commanders Educational
The Yes/No Gameshow Stunts and dares
Love Match UK Dating
The Lyrics Game Panel game
My New Best Friend Stunts and dares
Secrets of Magic Panel game
We've Been Here Before Radio, comedy history quiz
Mastermind (R) Quiz, general knowledge
Nobody Likes a Smartass Panel game
Rescue Robots Childrens
What Women Want Dating
Whoops TV Comedy panel game (TV)
Drop the Celebrity Stunts and dares
Grand Slam (2) Quiz, general knowledge
Judgement Day Family game show
Mechanoids Technological
Nice Package Dating
Trading Treasures Lifestyle
Double Entry Lifestyle, themed (sex)
Globo Loco Childrens
It's Anyone's Game Regional quiz, themed (sports)
Be a Grand Prix Driver Sport
Full Metal Challenge Technological
I'd Do Anything (1) Stunts and dares
Innovation Nation Technological
Office Monkey Stunts and dares
Resistance Stunts and dares
The Bachelor Dating, Reality
Boys and Girls Stunts and dares
The Club Reality
Côr Cymru Variety, regional (Wales)
The Murder Game Puzzle
Reborn in the USA Reality
Bankraider Quiz, general knowledge
CCTV Stunts and dares
Celebdaq Business
Crush Childrens
First Past the Post Reality, political
House Sitters Reality
Operatunity Variety
The Sitcom Trials Comedy, regional (West of England)
All or Nothing Children's
Arty Facts Regional quiz, themed (arts)
Double Cross Strategy
Eliminator Childrens
Here Comes the Sun Family game show
The Honey Trap Stunts and dares
Mind Games (2) Panel game, puzzle
Thunder Races Technological
Without Prejudice? Panel game
X-periMENTAL Childrens


Demolition Technological
The Fight Sports
The Great Reality TV Swindle Documentary
Out on a Limb Quiz, themed (celebrity)
Raven Childrens
Treasure Hunt (2) (R) Action and adventure
Spymaster Action and adventure
Britain's Worst Driver Reality, motoring
Car Sharks Lifestyle
Chasing Time Action and adventure
House of Astonishment Variety
Fame Academy Reality
Fight School Sports
Russian Roulette Quiz, general knowledge
That's Your Lot Quiz, themed (antiques)
Blingo'r Bwci Betting, regional (Wales)
Celebrity Fit Club Reality
Chariot Race Sports
Crime Team Lifestyle
Fear Factor Stunts and dares
Gameshow Losers Documentary
International King of Sports Sports
Judgemental Quiz, general knowledge
Play Your Cards Right (R) Family game show
Popstars: The Rivals Reality
Siopa Byw Interactive, auction, regional (Wales)
Your Face Sounds Familiar Variety, singing
Brainteaser Puzzle
Britain's Sexiest Variety
The Chair Quiz, general knowledge
Combat Cars Technological
Dick and Dom in Da Bungalow Childrens
I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! Reality
Liar Panel game
Making It Reality, childrens
Swapheads Quiz, themed
Boiling Point Lifestyle, regional (Scotland)
Elimidate Dating
The Machine Quiz, general knowledge
Runaround (R) Childrens
Star Ticket Childrens, variety
Superstars (R) Sports
Wudja? Cudja? Stunts and dares
Bad Lads' Army Reality
The Bargain Hunters Lifestyle
Remotely Funny (1) Stunts
Saturday Night Takeaway Variety
In It to Win It Quiz, general knowledge
Never Had it So Good Quiz, themed (nostalgia)
Panic Mechanics Technological
Test the Nation Quiz, themed
Topranko! Quiz
The Vault Quiz, general knowledge
World's Strongest Woman Sports
Your World Cup Pitch Themed quiz, football
Dirty Money Quiz, general knowledge
Presenters Talent show, regional (Wales)
Tall Tales and Antique Sales Regional (Anglia/London), lifestyle
Wanderlust Dating
Does Doug Know? Comedy panel game (general knowledge)
The Enemy Within Quiz, general knowledge
Jo Brand's Hot Potatoes Comedy panel game
Make My Day Stunts and dares
SAS: Are You Tough Enough? Action and adventure
The Shiny Show Childrens (preschool)
Class of... Quiz, themed (nostalgia)
Eden Reality
Rent Free Family game show
Shooting Stars (R) Comedy panel game


Big Crash Regional (Northern Ireland) quiz, themed (nostalgia)
Fanorama Quiz, themed (pop culture)
The Johnny Vegas Gameshow Stunts and dares
Lab Rats Science
Parents Know Best Regional (South), Family game show
Do I Not Know That? Quiz, themed (football)
Farmer Wants a Wife Dating
Hot Property (1) Lifestyle
Mercenaries Technological
Pub Quiz Comedy panel game
Shafted Quiz, general knowledge
Stake Out (1) Quiz, general knowledge
The Waiting Game Quiz, general knowledge
Ar y Bocs Talent, regional (Wales)
Caledonia MacBrains Comedy panel game
Challenge of a Lifetime Stunts and dares
Lost Action and adventure
National Geographic Geo-Genius Quiz, themed (geography)
No Win, No Fee Quiz, general knowledge
Pop Idol Variety
Say the Word (3) Radio, panel game (words)
Stupid Punts Panel game
TV Scrabble Board game conversion
Bar Wars Reality
Best Inventions Technological
The Biggest Game in Town Family game show
Masters of Combat Sports
Maths Mansion Educational
Model Behaviour Reality
Perfect Match Dating, Reality
The Race (1) Action and adventure
Shoot the Messenger Comedy panel game
Soapstars Reality
Temptation Island (UK) Dating
Under Pressure Sports
X-Fire Action and adventure
Britain's Brainiest Quiz, general knowledge
The Charm Offensive Phone-in
The Heat is On (2) Reality
Mission: Paintball Action and adventure
A Question of TV Quiz, themed (TV)
Cruel Summer Stunts and dares
Oblivious Quiz, general knowledge
The Wager Stunts and dares
Defectors Quiz, general knowledge
The Desert Forges Action and adventure
Donna in Need Stunts and dares
Party Animals Stunts and dares, regional (Scotland)
Greed Quiz, general knowledge
Masterteam (2) Radio, Quiz, general knowledge
Mind Games (1) Interactive, puzzle
Number One Quiz, general knowledge
Slap Bang Family Game show
Survivor Reality
Z for Fake Puzzle
Dog Eat Dog Family game show
Quizzlestick Quiz, general knowledge
A Question of Sex Quiz, themed (sex)
Chained Dating show
Jumpers for Goalposts Comedy panel game (football)
Petswap Childrens
Touch the Truck Reality
Twister Childrens
Air an Spot Regional (Scotland) quiz, themed (sports)
Five Go Dating Dating
Banzai Stunts and dares
Get Your Kit Off Stunts and dares
Global E-Missions Reality
It's Not the Answer Quiz, general knowledge
Jet Set Quiz, general knowledge
Junkyard Wars Technological
King of the Castle Quiz, general knowledge
Mission Improbable Variety
The Mole Reality, action and adventure
Popstars Reality
Public Property Reality
School Uniforms Comedy panel game


Trust Me Puzzle
Playing for Time Puzzle
Blockbusters (R) Quiz, academic
Come Fly with Me Action and adventure
Escape Action and adventure
FOT (R) Childrens
Holy Quiz Quiz, themed (religion)
It Shouldn't Happen to a Quiz Show Host Documentary
Dicing with Debt Quiz, academic
Faking It Reality
Jailbreak Action and adventure
Sadwrn ar y Stryd Variety, inter-town, regional (Wales)
Mystic Challenge Lifestyle
The People Versus Quiz, general knowledge
This is My Moment Variety
The Weakest Link Quiz, general knowledge
You Don't Say Puzzle
Big Brother Reality
Clever Creatures Childrens
The E-millionaire Show Technological
Flatmates (1) Stunts and dares
Flatmates (2) Lifestyle
Hotel Getaway Reality
On Safari (2) Childrens
On the Spot (1) Quiz, general knowledge
Oops! Panel game
Quotation Marks Quiz, themed (literature)
Pop Upstairs Downstairs Quiz, themed (music)
Swap Team Childrens
Your Kids are in Charge Family game show
The 99p Challenge Radio, comedy panel game
Bullionaire Stunts and dares
Foot in the Door Lifestyle
I Suppose You Think That's Funny Comedy panel game (comedy)
Naked Jungle Action and adventure
River Deep, Mountain High Action and adventure
Simply Complicated Technological
The Syndicate Quiz, general knowledge
Ex-Rated Dating
Garden Invaders Lifestyle
Rough Science Educational
Beat the Clock (R) Stunts and dares
A Room with a Clue Quiz, themed (interior design)
Bargain Hunt Lifestyle
Techno Games Technological
Grand Quiz Auto Quiz, themed (motoring)
Loves Like a Dog Panel game
A Question of EastEnders Quiz, themed (soap opera)
Saints and Scholars Panel game, regional (Northern Ireland)
Steps to the Stars Childrens
A Question of Pop Quiz, themed (music)
Garry Bushell Reveals All Comedy panel game
It's Anybody's Guess Family game show
One to Win (2) Quiz, general knowledge
Shipwrecked Reality
Thall Thairis Regional (Scotland)
Why Weight? Lifestyle


2000 to 1 Quiz, general knowledge
Bare Necessities Action and adventure
And This is Them Panel game, Radio
BBC Gardener of the Year Lifestyle
Casting Couch Comedy panel game (celebrity gossip)
Flash in the Pan Lifestyle
Friends Like These Family game show
Love Bites Family game, dating
Parliamentary Questions Radio, themed quiz (politics)
Red Alert Family game show
2 for 2000 Childrens
The Villa Reality
Absolute Cobblers Panel game
Speculate Family game show
The Third Degree Quiz, general knowledge
Grudge Match Action and adventure
Insides Out Childrens
It's a Knockout (R) Stunts and dares
Jungle Run Childrens
Show Me the Money Educational
Something for the Weekend Quiz, themed (sex)
Britain's Strongest Man (R) Sports
Consequently Comedy panel game
Games Republic Childrens
Mother Knows Best Family game
Naked Elvis Quiz, general knowledge
Win Beadle's Money Quiz, general knowledge
You're Talking Absolute Football Quiz, themed (football)
The Answer Lies in the Soil Quiz, themed (gardening)
Balls Themed quiz (sport), regional (North West)
Either Or Variety
Kicked into Touch Regional (South) general knowledge/themed quiz (sports)
Late Night Poker Sports
The Staying-In Show Quiz, themed (sex)
Ask the Family (R) Quiz, general knowledge
Back to Bass Themed quiz (music), regional (West)
It's Only TV... But I Like It Quiz, themed (television)
Star for a Night Talent
Winning Lines Quiz, general knowledge
Wireless Wise Radio, themed quiz (radio)
Anything You Can Cook... Lifestyle
Back to the Present Themed quiz (history), regional (Midlands)
Dial-a-Date Dating
Energize Childrens
Snap! Regional (Scotland) quiz, general knowledge
Can We Still be Friends? Dating
h&p@bbc. Stunts and dares
Intuition Family game show, regional (East of England)
Mind the Gap General knowledge quiz, regional (London)
School Challenge (R) Quiz, academic, regional (Northern Ireland)
Taking the Pitch Sports
Webwise Educational
We've Got Your Number Family game show
Dating Hell Dating
Have I Got Buzzcocks All Over Comedy panel game
Mr and Mrs (R) Dating
Quiz Challenge General knowledge quiz, regional (Wales)
Trading Up Lifestyle
Whose House? Lifestyle
Get Your Act Together (1) Variety
Pump it Up Childrens
A Slice of the Action Lifestyle
Sub Zero Childrens
Carol Vorderman's Better Homes Lifestyle
Dishes Lifestyle, dating
Flying Start (2) Action and adventure
See it, Saw it Childrens


EastEnders Pub Quiz Quiz, themed (EastEnders)
The Revelation Game Quiz, themed (biblical)
Superchefs Lifestyle
Wine Hunt Lifestyle
Cerdyn Post Regional (Wales), Quiz, themed (travel)
N v S Quiz, themed (pop music)
True Lies Comedy panel game
Alien Universe Challenge Quiz, themed (science fiction)
Carry On Campus Quiz, academic
Cryptogram Puzzle
Fort Boyard Action and adventure
The Motion Show Radio, comedy panel game
Pass the Buck (2) Quiz, general knowledge
Pets Go Public Panel game
Prickly Heat Reality, stunts and dares
Screen Test (2) Radio, themed quiz (films)
The Barmy Army Game Show Regional (Granada) quiz, themed (sports)
Beat the Crusher Stunts and dares
King Stupid Radio, comedy panel game
Mad for It Childrens
Masterfan Sport, regional (North West England)
The Moment of Truth Family game show
Playing for Time (R) Childrens, regional (Wales)
Singled Out Dating
Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Quiz, general knowledge
Boot Sale Challenge Lifestyle
The Cooler Quiz, general knowledge
Easy Money Quiz, themed (consumer)
Families at War Family game show
Give Your Mate a Break Variety
Only Connect (1) Radio, panel game
Points of Law Radio, panel game (law)
Recipe for Disaster Regional (Anglia), Lifestyle
Top Tip Challenge Lifestyle
Wheeler Dealers Educational
Would I Lie to You? (1) Stunts and dares
The Drop Dead Show Lifestyle, educational
Puzzle Panel Panel game, radio
RTFP Radio, comedy panel game (news)
The Talent Trial Regional (West of England), Variety
Words in Music Radio quiz, themed (music)
The Write Stuff Radio, themed quiz (literature)
X Marks the Spot Radio panel game
Meet the Challenge Lifestyle
Stash Quiz, general knowledge
Tricks of the Trade Radio, Specialist subjects quiz
Watercolour Challenge Lifestyle
A Date with Fate Lifestyle
Don't Try This at Home! Stunts and dares
Home Truths (2) Regional (London) quiz, general knowledge
Round the Houses Puzzle
We're On Our Way to Wembley Quiz, themed (football)
Endurance UK Stunts and dares
The Entertainment Game Quiz, themed (entertainment)
Full Orchestra Radio, themed quiz (classical music)
Guess What? (1) Panel game, radio
Hidden Treasures Radio quiz, themed (antiques)
Noddy's Electric Ladyland Comedy panel game (music)
Scrapheap Challenge Technological
Under Offer Panel game
Games World (R) Childrens
The National Lottery Big Ticket Stunts and dares
Waffle Puzzle
Food Fight Quiz, themed (food)
If I Ruled the World... Comedy panel game (politics)
Michael Barrymore's My Kind of Music Quiz, themed (music)
Passport Quiz Quiz, themed (travel)
Popmaster Radio, quiz, themed (pop music)
Popped in, Crashed out Quiz, themed (music)
Robot Wars Technological
The Best Show in the World... Probably Comedy panel game (advertising)
Globetrotting Radio, panel game (travel)
The Great House Game Lifestyle
Ice Warriors Action and adventure
It's Not Fair Childrens
Pendroffobia Quiz, children's, regional (Wales)


Blankety Blank (R) Family game show
The Wildlife Quiz Quiz, themed (wildlife)
Give Us a Clue (R) Panel game
Tibs and Fibs Quiz, themed (medical)
Don't Try This at Home, Kids! Childrens
Period Rooms Lifestyle
The Scoop Radio, themed quiz (news)
What's the Score? (2) Regional (North West) quiz, themed (football)
Wildbrain Quiz, themed (wildlife)
Gridlock Puzzle
Karaoke Challenge Variety
Mixing It Lifestyle
Name That Tune (R) Quiz, themed (music)
Relative Knowledge Quiz, general knowledge
Say the Word (2) Puzzle
Split Second (2) Quiz, general knowledge
A Date With... Dating
Game of War Board game conversion
Heaven and Hell Live! Technological
Hollol Bananas Quiz, general knowledge
Animal Fanatics Regional (Scotland), childrens
The Culture Club Quiz, themed (arts)
House Hunters Quiz, themed (consumer)
Schools Challenge Quiz, academic, regional (North West England)
Space Cadets (1) Comedy panel game (sci-fi)
Thumbs Up Childrens
Town Challenge Family game show
Elvis Has Just Left the Building Quiz, themed (music)
Extra Time Radio, themed quiz (sport)
Get Wet Childrens
Move on Up Quiz, general knowledge
The Other Half Dating show
Turner Round the World Quiz, themed (geography)
Upshot Quiz, general knowledge
Fluke Puzzle
On The Ball Sport, regional (North West England)
Truly, Madly, Weekly Regional (South) panel game, news
What's Cooking Themed quiz (food)
Winner Takes All (R) Quiz, general knowledge
Bonkers Variety
Bring Me the Head of Light Entertainment Comedy panel game
50/50 Childrens
The Great Garden Game Lifestyle
Night Fever Quiz, themed (music)
Spot the Difference Quiz, themed (politics)
Whatever You Want Family game show
Blockbusters (R) Quiz, academic
100% Quiz, general knowledge
Pull the Other One (1) Panel game
Whittle Quiz, general knowledge
Heaven Knows Quiz, themed (religion)
Sale of the Century (R) Quiz, general knowledge
All Over the Shop Quiz, themed (consumer)
Gair am Aur (R) Puzzle, Regional (Wales)
Goldmaster Quiz, themed (television)
Last Chance Lottery Stunts and dares


In the Dark Stunts and dares
Wowfabgroovy Quiz, themed (nostalgia)
Foul Play Radio panel game
Never Mind the Buzzcocks Comedy panel game (music)
Pop Dogs Comedy panel game (music)
QAsia Quiz, themed (Asian culture)
Sion a Sian (R) Dating
And I'm the Queen of Sheba Radio panel game
Name That Toon Childrens
Wanted Action and adventure
All Rise for Julian Clary Stunts and dares
The Department Score Radio, academic, themed quiz (music)
Quisine Lifestyle
Sick as a Parrot (2) Sports
The Alphabet Game Panel game
Cross Combat Childrens, regional (Anglia and Meridian)
To Boldly Go Where No Quiz Has Gone Before Quiz, themed (Star Trek)
Who am I? Panel game
The Big Big Talent Show Variety
The Comedy Quiz Radio panel game
Cross Questioned Radio, panel game
On the Spot (3) Sport, childrens
Red Amber Green Childrens
Tellystack Quiz, themed (TV)
Eat Your Words (2) Quiz, themed (food)
Flux Stunts and dares
The Olympic Game Sports
Scotland v England Comedy panel game
Take 7 Regional (South) quiz, themed (various)
To Me... To You... Childrens
The Adventures of Captain Zeelig Childrens
Call My Bluff (R) Panel game
Full Swing Sports
Man O Man Family game show
Style Counsel Lifestyle
Crazy Cottage Childrens
Relatively Speaking Family game show
Wake Up In The Wild Room Childrens
Hang On! Childrens
Hot Gossip (1) Quiz, themed (celebrity)
Speaking Volumes Radio, panel game (literature)
Backdate Quiz, themed (nostalgia)
The Brains Trust (R) Panel game
God's Gift Dating show
Noel's Telly Years Quiz, themed (TV)
To Boldly Go Radio, panel game


Jeopardy! (R) Quiz, general knowledge
Can't Cook, Won't Cook Lifestyle
Don't Give Up Your Day Job Variety
Photo Finish Quiz, general knowledge
Who Goes There? Radio, panel game
Booked! Radio quiz, themed (literary)
First Impressions (2) Comedy panel game, radio
Going, Going, Gone Quiz, themed (antiques)
Housemates Quiz, general knowledge
Incognito Puzzle
Perfect Pitch Regional (Wales) quiz, themed (music)
Shoot! Childrens
Think Tank (2) Quiz, general knowledge
T.I.G.S. Childrens
Travel Bug Childrens
BBC New Comedy Award Variety (comedy)
Bruce's Price is Right (R) Lifestyle
Gladiators: Train to Win Childrens
Raise the Roof Quiz, general knowledge
That's News to Me Quiz, themed (current affairs)
Going for a Song (R) Quiz, themed (antiques)
The Shane Richie Experience Dating
Gambit (R) Quiz, general knowledge
Reactive Childrens
Buried Treasure Children's
A Game of Two Halves Regional (Scotland) quiz, themed (football)
Midas Touch Family game show
The Vibe Quiz, themed (music)
Glam-O-Rama Quiz, themed (glam rock/1970s)
Missed Demeanours Radio panel game
Monkhouse's Memory Masters Quiz, themed (memory)
Whodunit? Radio, Panel game
Confessions Stunts and dares
Tenball Sports
no new shows
World's Biggest Quiz Radio phone-in quiz
Chain Letters (R) Puzzle
Look Sharp! Childrens
Lucky Numbers (2) Quiz, general knowledge
The New Mr and Mrs Show (R) Dating
Not a Lot of People Know That Quiz, themed (the bizarre)
Timekeepers Quiz, general knowledge


no new shows
Beat That, Einstein Technological
The National Lottery Live Family game show
Virtually Impossible Childrens
Bardbrain of Britain Quiz, themed (Shakespeare)
Eat Your Words (1) Childrens
Ready Steady Cook Lifestyle
Spellbound (1) Puzzle
Fan TC Quiz, themed (pop music)
On Your Marks Quiz, academic
University Challenge (R) Quiz, academic
What's My Line? (R) Panel game
The Great Antiques Hunt Quiz, themed (antiques)
Junior Masterchef Lifestyle
The Big Country Quest
Body Heat Sports
Celebrity Gossip Panel game, radio
Full Score Radio, panel game (music)
Gag Tag Comedy panel game (jokes)
The Heritage Quiz Radio quiz, themed (history)
Now You See It (R) Puzzle (regional)
Pets Win Prizes Lifestyle
Scavengers Action and adventure
Small Talk Family game show
Divine Inspiration Quiz, themed (religion)
Hit the Road Action and adventure
Bygones Comedy panel game (nostalgia)
Mum's the Word Quiz, general knowledge/Lifestyle
Newscall Radio, phone-in quiz, themed (news)
Pop Quiz (R) Quiz, themed (music)
Treasure Trail Quiz, general knowledge
Wipeout Quiz, general knowledge
Commercial Break Quiz, themed (advertising)
Gyrrwr y Flwyddyn Regional (Wales), sports (driving)
Why Did the Chicken? Childrens
All in the Mind Puzzle
Do the Right Thing Panel game
Ladies Excuse Me Radio, panel game
Play Your Cards Right (R) Family game show
Cryer's Crackers Panel game
Don't Forget Your Toothbrush Stunts and dares
Sabotage Quiz, general knowledge
Talking Telephone Numbers Variety
Bollywood or Bust Quiz, themed (films)
Darling You Were Marvellous Radio, panel game
Draw Me Childrens
The Great British Quiz Quiz, general knowledge
Hit the Town Regional (Midlands) quiz, themed (entertainment)
Home Truths (1) Panel game
Incredible Games Childrens
Sick as a Parrot (1) Childrens
Terror Towers Childrens
Whose Round is it Anyway? Quiz


MPs' Christmas Quiz Regional, panel game
Shooting Stars Comedy panel game
Around the World in 80 Seconds Childrens
The Travel Quiz Quiz, themed (geography)
XYZ Quiz, general knowledge
Hot Pursuits Action and adventure, regional (Northern Ireland)
Newshound Quiz, themed (news)
Swot or Wot? Childrens
System 93 Childrens
Go for Goal Themed quiz, regional (Sport)
Happy Families (2) Family game show
Inspiration! Radio quiz, themed (science and inventions)
Lose a Million Family game show
Parish Pump Regional (Yorkshire) quiz
Supermarket Sweep Lifestyle
Trivial Pursuit (R) Board game conversion
Futurecooks Childrens
Jacpot Quiz, regional (Wales)
FOT Childrens
Pot of Gold Variety
Today's the Day Quiz, themed (nostalgia)
Young Driver of the Year Sports
First Cut Music, regional (West of England)
Grampian Sheepdog Trials (R) Lifestyle, regional (North Scotland)
A Kick in the Ballots Panel game
The Main Event Family game show
Fit to Win Regional (South) quiz
Let's Do the Show Right Here Radio, panel game
A Word in Your Ear Panel game
Games World Childrens
Hunt the Pie Quiz, childrens, regional
Wicked Words Radio, panel game
Carnal Knowledge Quiz, themed (sex)
Bamboozle! Teletext quiz
Celebrity Squares Family game show
Cyberzone Action and adventure
First Letter First Quiz, general knowledge
Superchamps (R) Childrens
Time Busters Childrens
West Wise Quiz, regional (South West England)
Your Best Shot Stunts and dares


Famous People, Famous Places Quiz, themed (people, geography)
no new shows
Gladiators Action and adventure
Ross King Quiz, themed (news)
The Big Breakfast Variety
The Brain Drain Panel game
Dame Edna's Neighbourhood Watch Family game show
Passport Action and adventure
Public Enemy Number One Stunts and dares
Run the Risk Childrens
Star Pets Childrens
A Word in Your Era Comedy panel game
Fantasy Football League Radio, sport
Ps and Qs Quiz, themed (etiquette)
no new shows
Your Number Please Quiz, general knowledge
The Brain Game Quiz, general knowledge
Chocolate Childrens
Follow Your Nose Childrens
Joker in the Pack Variety
The Music Game Quiz, themed (music)
Bull! Radio comedy panel game (lying)
Maestro Radio, panel game (music)
Mega Mania Childrens
Only Joking Family game show, jokes
Questions of Taste (R) Radio, panel game (food)
Gibberish Comedy panel game
Take Your Pick (R) Family game show
They Think it's All Over Comedy panel game (sports)
Caught in the Act Variety
Gamesmaster Childrens


The Board Game Radio quiz, themed (business)
Calendar Commentary Christmas Quiz Politics, regional (YTV region)
Noel's House Party Stunts and dares
Quiz Bowl Sports
Mike's Secret Mike Radio panel game
No Kidding Family game show
Bacha Hi O'Ma Dating
Eat Drink and be Silly Radio, themed quiz (food and drink)
Get Your Own Back Childrens
Naruhodo - The World! Quiz, themed (travel)
One to Win (1) Quiz, general knowledge
Pot Black (R) Sports
Super Mario Challenge Childrens
Jeux Sans Frontieres (R) Stunts and dares
Old Flames Dating
That's History Quiz, themed (history)
What's My Quiz? Documentary
Qd - The Master Game Quiz, general knowledge
Humdingers Quiz, themed (music)
Press Your Luck Family game show, regional (West)
Popcall Radio quiz, themed (pop music)
Who's Bluffing Who? General knowledge quiz
Are You Sitting Comfortably Radio, themed quiz (nostalgia)
Big Break Sports
Bob's Your Uncle Family game show
Finders Keepers (2) Childrens
The Wetter the Better Childrens
Fast Friends Family game show
Jumble Puzzle
Sky Runners Action and adventure
Anything for Money Stunts and dares
Bratpack Regional (North East England), family game show
Remote Control Quiz, themed (popular culture)
Shotolau Sports, regional (Wales)


Your Move Board game conversion
Eye 2 Eye Quiz, themed (design)
Brainwave Quiz, general knowledge
Have I Got News for You Comedy panel game (news)
One False Move Quiz, general knowledge
Talkabout Puzzle
The Generation Game (R) Family game show
Jeopardy! (R) Quiz, general knowledge
Love at First Sight Dating
Mousetrap Childrens, board game conversion
Sportscall Radio, phone-in quiz, themed (sport)
Trivial Pursuit Board game conversion
You'd Better Believe It Showbiz, regional (Northern Scotland)
no new shows
Cluedo Board game conversion
De Tha Seo? Puzzle
Masterchef Lifestyle
Stars in Their Eyes Variety
The $64,000 Question (R) Quiz, general knowledge
Don't Quote Me Panel game
It's Beadle Stunts and dares
Cannon and Ball's Casino Family game show
Intellect Puzzle
The Satellite Game Childrens
Takeover Bid Family game show
It's Tough at the Top Childrens
Laughlines Panel game
Matchpoint Quiz, general knowledge
Skull Childrens
Style Trial Panel game
Wife of the Week Family game show
You've Been Framed! Variety
The Diamond Game Puzzle
Eye Spy Action and adventure
Turnabout (1) Puzzle
The Crystal Maze Action and adventure
Steal Family game show
Time Please Quiz, general knowledge
Win, Lose or Draw Panel game


Born Lucky Family game show
Slightly Foxed Radio, themed quiz (literature)
Superdogs Sports
Sticky Moments Variety
Take the Plunge Family game show
Clockwise Childrens
PSI Panel game
It's Torture! Childrens
Juke Box Jury (R) Panel game
The New Price Is Right (R) Lifestyle
Star Quality Variety
You Asked For It Radio, comedy panel game
You Must be Joking (2) Comedy panel game (ITV, 1989)
The Litmus Test Radio, panel game (science)
Murder Weekend
Go Getters Childrens, action and adventure
Interceptor Action and adventure
Everybody's Equal Quiz, general knowledge
Perception Puzzle
Sounds Like Music Quiz, themed (musicals)
Trailblazers Action and adventure
31 Days in May Radio, phone-in
Combat Action and adventure
O Fan i Fan Adventure, regional (Wales)
Scavenger Hunt Action and adventure
Sgwario Regional (Wales), General knowledge quiz
That's Showbusiness Quiz, themed (showbusiness)
The Haunted Dungeon Childrens
Tell the Truth (R) Panel game
Keynotes Quiz, themed (music)
The Year In Question (2) Radio quiz
Fun House Childrens
Hitman Family game show
The Quack Chat Show Childrens
Sale of the Century (R) Quiz, general knowledge
Sky Star Search Variety
Time Cycle Radio panel game
The Big Break Variety, regional (Northern Scotland)
Box' Em In Quiz, general knowledge, regional (Wales)
Home Run Regional (Midlands) quiz
The Pyramid Game Puzzle
Sportsmasters Sports
Trick or Treat Stunts and dares


The Announcers' Challenge Comedy panel game, radio
Holiday Quiz Quiz, themed (travel)
Smooth Talkers Radio panel game
Bet You Didn't Know General knowledge quiz, regional (North West)
Grow Biz Quiz Quiz, themed (gardening)
Chart Quiz Radio, themed quiz (pop music)
Physical Pursuits Regional (London), sports
The Unfair Quiz Radio, comedy panel game
Concentration (R) Puzzle
The Noel Edmonds Saturday Roadshow Stunts and dares
Scruples Panel game
no new shows
Gardening Quiz Radio, themed quiz (gardening)
Out of Order Radio quiz, themed (politics)
Wheel of Fortune (2) Puzzle
Brainstorm Quiz, themed (science)
Young Krypton Childrens
The Movie Game (1) Childrens
Connoisseur Quiz, themed (art)
Four Square Quiz, general knowledge/Puzzle
Love Me, Love Me Not Dating
A Question of Entertainment Quiz, themed (entertainment)
Quiz Night Quiz, general knowledge
All Clued Up Puzzle
The Clever Dick-Athlon Radio panel game
Lucky Ladders Puzzle
Knock Knock Childrens
You Bet! Stunts and dares
Cyfle Byw Phone-in, regional (Wales)
Fifteen-to-One Quiz, general knowledge
Invasion Quiz, themed (Wales)
Roland's Rat Race Childrens
The Stocks and Shares Show Educational
Survival Challenge Childrens
We Interrupt This Year Quiz, themed (topical)
Whose Line is it Anyway? Variety


Crush a Grape Childrens
The Fish Course Challenge Cookery (fish)
Split Second (1) Regional (Scotland) quiz, general knowledge
Challenge Anneka Action and adventure
Headliners Panel game
Going for Gold Quiz, general knowledge
A Question of Talk Quiz, themed (language)
Runway Quiz, themed (geography)
Scruples Panel game
Top Town (R) Variety
Whatever Next... Family game show
Chain Letters Puzzle
Double Dare Childrens
Knightmare Childrens
Pure Strength Sports
The Matchplay Quiz Radio, childrens, themed quiz (sport)
Screenplay Radio, panel game (cinema)
Beat the Clock (R) Stunts and dares
Fun and Games Educational
no new shows
Channel One Quiz Academic quiz
Show Me Panel game
Tarby's Frame Game Family game show
Run the Gauntlet Action and adventure
Through the Keyhole Panel game
Bob Says Opportunity Knocks (R) Variety
Sweethearts Panel game
no new shows
Challenge of the South Quiz, general knowledge
Jigsaw (2) Puzzle
Masterbrain Radio, Quiz, general knowledge
Music Match Panel game
The Newlywed Game Dating
Pop of the Form Radio quiz, themed (pop music)
Pull the Other One (2) Radio, panel game
Sporting Triangles Sports
Superchamps Childrens
Your Number's Up Quiz, general knowledge


Domesday Detectives Educational
Food and Drink Christmas Quiz Quiz, themed (food)
Prompt! Radio, panel game
Tomorrow's World Christmas Quiz Quiz, themed (science)
International Bridge Club Sports (bridge)
Box Clever Quiz, general knowledge
Computer Challenge Technological
Hoax! Panel game, radio
Strike it Lucky Family game show
New Faces (R) Variety
Pass the Buck (1) Quiz, general knowledge
The Press Gang Radio panel game
The ABC Quiz Radio quiz, general knowledge
Sports Quizkid Radio, childrens, themed quiz (sport)
Counterpoint Radio quiz, themed (music)
Grampian Sheepdog Trials Lifestyle, regional (North Scotland)
Trivia Test Match Radio quiz, general knowledge
no new shows
Get Mucky Childrens
Treasures of the Mindlord Childrens
Go For It! Educational
Questions of Taste Radio, panel game (food)
Amoebas to Zebras Quiz, themed (natural history)
Mouthtrap Quiz, general knowledge
Starshot Sports
Ask No Questions Panel game
Every Second Counts Quiz, general knowledge
You Should be So Lucky! Childrens
Back to the Drawing Board Technological
Catchphrase Puzzle
Interpub Quiz, general knowledge
Pop the Question (2) Quiz, themed (music)
That's What You Think! Regional (South) quiz


The Gong Show Variety
Blind Date Dating show
Fair Game Family game show
Spytrap Childrens
Worldwise Childrens
Masterteam (1) Quiz, general knowledge
Crosswits Puzzle
The Giddy Game Show Childrens
Knock Your Block Off Childrens
Password (R) Puzzle
Scribble Regional (Wales and West), puzzle
Telly Addicts Quiz, themed (TV)
Helfa Drysor Action and adventure
no new shows
Poparound Childrens
Catchword Puzzle
Connections (1) Quiz, general knowledge
The Heritage Game Quiz, themed (antiques)
The Place Name Game Regional (South West) panel game
The Parlour Game Panel game
Monkey Business (1) Panel game
Secrets Out!!! Childrens
Busman's Holiday Quiz, themed (geography)
Some of These Days Radio panel game
All Star Secrets Panel game
The Fame Game Talent show
Inn Quiz Quiz, general knowledge
Loose Ends Panel game
The Railway Carriage Game Panel game
Shammy Dab Regional (Scotland) comedy panel game
Switch On to English Educational


Telly Quiz Quiz, themed (TV)
no new shows
First Class Childrens
I've Got a Secret (R) Panel game
Beat the Teacher Childrens
Bob's Full House Quiz, general knowledge
Get Set Go Family game show
On Cue Radio, Panel game
That's My Dog Lifestyle
We Love TV Quiz, themed (TV)
Names and Games Family game show
On the Air Themed quiz (nostalgia), radio
The Sensible Show Family game show
Starstrider Childrens
Trak Trix Childrens
TV Times Star Family Challenge Family game show
The World, the Flesh and the Devil Quiz, themed (religion)
Pot the Question Sports
Driving Force Sport
Hollywood or Bust Variety
How Dare You! Children's
Anything Goes Family game show
The Price is Right Lifestyle
What's My Line? (R) Panel game
no new shows
Child's Play Family game show
Commuter Quiz Puzzle
Funny Peculiar Radio, panel game
Give Us a Conch Radio, natural history
Television Scrabble Board game conversion
The Zodiac Game Lifestyle


The Book Game Quiz, themed (literature)
Superscot Quiz, themed (Scotland)
Take Over Decision making
Magic Micro Mission Childrens
Not a Cross Word Quiz, themed (religion)
So You Want to be Top? Childrens
Star Kids Childrens
Photo Assignment Lifestyle
The Sports Quiz with Steve Davis Quiz, themed (sport)
Vintage Quiz Panel game
Stunt Challenge Stunts and dares
Blockbusters Quiz, academic
Babble Panel game
Cardiff Singer of the World Variety
Paddles Up Sports
The Freddie Starr Showcase Variety
Take the Stage Variety
Ultra Quiz Quiz, general knowledge
Flying Start (1) Business
A Question of Stars
Disgyn I'r Haul Childrens
Teulu-Ffon Regional (Wales) quiz, general knowledge
Where Were You in '62? Radio panel game
Face the Music (R) Panel game
Make Me Laugh (R) Comedy panel game
Master Bridge Sports (bridge)
Pawb yn ei Fro (R) Themed quiz (news)
Survival of the Fittest (1) Action and adventure
Tell the Truth Panel game
Sporting Chance (R) Sports
BBC2 Film Competition Variety
Captain Zep - Space Detective Childrens
Getting About Lifestyle, themed quiz
Jeopardy! Quiz, general knowledge


Dealing with Daniels Panel game, radio
Great Rock 'n' Roll Trivia Quiz Radio, themed (music)
Treasure Hunt (2) Action and adventure
Countdown Puzzle
Password Puzzle
What on Earth...? Quiz, themed (natural history)
Jump! Radio, panel game
Who's Reading What and with Whom Panel game, literature
Whose Baby? Panel game
Connections (2) Quiz, general knowledge
Hold Tight Childrens
The Name's the Game Radio, panel game
Top Secret Childrens
David Essex Showcase Variety
Film Buff of the Year Quiz, themed (films)
What's Happening? Quiz, themed (news and current affairs)
no new shows
Eurovision Young Musicians Variety, classical music
Odd One Out Quiz, general knowledge
no new shows
On Safari (1) Family game show
Does the Team Think? (R) Panel game
The Sandwich Quiz Childrens, general knowledge quiz
Top of the World Quiz, general knowledge


no new shows
Take the Stage Variety
Grand Slam (1) Sport (bridge)
Jazz Score Quiz, themed (music)
Bullseye Sports
Game for a Laugh Stunts and dares
The Pyramid Game Puzzle
Sounds Like London Regional (London) quiz, themed (music)
Now Get Out of That Action and adventure
Sports Allrounder of the Year Childrens
Think Tank (1) Academic quiz
O Dro I Dro Regional (Wales) quiz
Pop Quiz Quiz, themed (music)
Under Manning Comedy panel game
Scoop Panel game
Theatre Quiz Quiz, themed (theatre)
You Must be Joking (1) Comedy panel game (BBC, 1981)
Centenary Rugby Quiz Regional (Wales), themed quiz (rugby)
Hooked! Sport
Finders Keepers (1) Childrens
Now You See It Puzzle (regional)
Punchlines Family game show


World's Strongest Man Sports
no new shows
Brain of the Border Regional, quiz
Mark It Regional (South West), Themed quiz (geography)
Puzzle Trail Childrens
Up for the Cup Variety
What's the Word Regional (North West), puzzle
The Year In Question (1) (R) Radio panel game
no new shows
The Adventure Game Action and adventure
Square One Quiz, general knowledge
no new shows
Play Your Cards Right Family game show
Family Fortunes Family game show
Johnny Ball Games Family game show
Musicology Radio, themed quiz (music)


Blankety Blank Family game show
Britain's Strongest Man Sports
Cabbages and Kings Panel game
Give Us a Clue Panel game
The Great Egg Race Technological
Jigsaw (1) Childrens
Juke Box Jury (R) Panel game
Kick Start Sports
Quiz of the Week (R) Radio, panel game, news
Rising Stars Variety talent contest
Search for a Star (2) Variety
The Steve Jones Games Show Quiz hour
Talking Scots Panel game?, regional (Scotland)
3-2-1 Family game show
The Better Sex Regional (Scotland), General knowledge quiz
Bruce Forsyth's Big Night Variety
Cheggers Plays Pop Childrens
Definition Puzzle
Fanfare for Young Musicians Childrens
Hobby Horse Childrens
Hoe Down Lifestyle
Lucky Numbers (1) Family game show
M'Lords... Ladies and Gentlemen Debating
Pawb yn ei Fro Themed quiz (news)
Sports Family of the Year Sports
Star Games Sports
Star Town Variety
The Superteams Sports
What's the Score? (1) Radio, children's quiz (music)
Young Musician of the Year Variety
Challenge of the Sexes Sport
Do or Die Radio, themed quiz (survival)
The Krypton Factor Action and adventure
The Masterspy Action and adventure
The News Quiz Radio, comedy panel game
Puzzle Party (2) Educational
Round Europe Quiz Radio, panel game
Tell Me More Panel game
Town and Country Quiz Radio, general knowledge quiz
Whose Baby? (R) Panel game
All in the Game Sports
Best of Brass Variety
The Country Game Panel game (rural matters)
The Fishing Race Sports, lifestyle
Funny You Should Ask (2) Radio, panel game
The Garden Game Quiz, themed (gardening), Regional (Midlands)
It's Patently Obvious Panel game
Kathy's Quiz Childrens
The Law Game Radio, panel game
The Monday Movie Quiz Radio, themed quiz (movies)
Name That Tune Quiz, themed (music)
Olympic Quiz 76 Radio, panel game (sports)
One Man and His Dog Lifestyle
The Quiz Game Quiz, general knowledge
Quote... Unquote Radio panel game
Star Turn Childrens, Panel game
Supermind Quiz, general knowledge
Support Your Local Radio, general knowledge quiz
The Sweepstakes Game General Knowledge Quiz
Those Wonderful TV Times Panel game, themed quiz (television)
Transatlantic Quiz (R) Radio panel game
Two by Two Radio, panel game (nature)
What's it All About? (1) (R) Radio, panel game
Wit's End Radio, comedy panel game
The Balloon Game (R) Panel game
Brain of Sport Radio, quiz, themed (sport)
Celebrity Squares Family game show
Disco Quiz, themed (music)
Gambit Quiz, general knowledge
Games People Play Radio, themed quiz (sport)
Husband of the Year Dating show
The Master Game Sports (chess)
Pop Quest Quiz, themed (music)
Pros and Cons Radio, panel game
Quest (1) Quiz, phone-in
Quiz Kid Radio, childrens
Runaround Childrens
Sounds Puzzling Radio, general knowledge quiz
Three Little Words (R) Puzzle
Winner Takes All Quiz, general knowledge
WIQ Radio, quiz, general knowledge
The 78 Show Radio panel game, music
Brainchild Childrens
Free Spin Radio, phone-in, themed (music)
The Impressionists Radio, comedy panel game
Just for Fun Radio, puzzle
Lucky 13 Radio, Quiz, general knowledge
Punch Line Radio, comedy panel game
A Question of Fun Radio, general knowledge quiz
Quick on the Draw Comedy panel game
Quiz West Quiz, general knowledge
Who Said That? (2) Quiz, themed (quotations)
The Animal Game Quiz, themed (animals)
Ask a Cine Question Radio panel game (film)
Beat the Clock (R) Stunts and dares
Beat the Expert Lifestyle
Cuckoo in the Nest Panel game
Mae Gen I Air! (R) Puzzle, regional (Wales)
New Faces Variety
Password (R) Puzzle
Round Britain Quiz (R) Radio, panel game
Sporting Chance (R) Sports
Stop the Press (1) Quiz, general knowledge
The Sunday Quiz Quiz, themed (religion)
(The) Superstars Sports
There Goes That Song Again Music
We are the Champions Childrens
What's My Line? (R) Panel game
The Who, What or Where Game Quiz, themed (literature)
Whose Baby? Panel game
The Year In Question (1) Radio panel game
Beat the Record Radio quiz, themed (music)
Fair Deal Panel game, radio
I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue Radio, comedy panel game
Mastermind Quiz, general knowledge
The Movie Quiz Quiz, films
Out of the Box Quiz, themed (television)
Pop Score Quiz, themed (music)
Three in a Row Radio, quiz
What's it All About? (2) Quiz, themed (religion)
Whodunnit? Panel game
You Can't Lose Quiz, general knowledge
Animal, Vegetable, Mineral (R) Panel game
Chapter and Verse Radio, panel game
For Love or Money (2) Specialist subjects quiz
Full House (2) Childrens quiz
The Generation Game Family game show
He Said, She Said Family game show
It's Your Word Childrens
A Question of News Quiz, themed (modern history, news)
A Rhyme in Time Radio, panel game (poetry)
Right or Wrong? Radio, panel game
Sale of the Century Quiz, general knowledge
Sion a Sian (R) Dating
Where in the World? (1) Quiz, themed (geography)
Ace of Clubs Variety
The Clever Stupid Game Radio, panel game
Funny You Should Ask (1) Regional (West), Panel Game
Linkpix Panel game
Looks Familiar Panel game
The News Game Quiz, themed (history)
Not a Word Panel game
Score with The Scaffold Childrens
Screen Test (1) Children's, themed quiz (films)
The Sky's the Limit Quiz, general knowledge
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